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10 Hidden Lightroom Features

My 10 tips for secret and lesser-known features that help your editing and speed up your workflow in Adobe Lightroom.

1. Send clients an online preview
2 Better tones with camera calibration
3. Change preset strength/ opacity
4. Targeted adjustment tool
5. Automatically match exposures with different settings
6. Faster image rating and selection
7. Individual slider automation
8. Edit local adjustment tools
9. Bigger sliders
10. Precision editing…

47 thoughts on “10 Hidden Lightroom Features”

  1. Thank you for this Jamie. This is an incredibly useful and practical tutorial. I learned a ton. I put the times next to each of these tips if anyone wants to use this as a navigation guide:

    1.Send clients an online preview 0:11
    2 Better tones with camera calibration 2:24
    3.Change preset strength/ opacity 3:19
    4.Targeted adjustment tool 5:19
    5.Automatically match exposures with different settings 6:25
    6.Faster image rating and selection 7:30
    7.Individual slider automation 8:16
    8.Edit local adjustment tools (Shift+Double Click) 8:29
    9.Bigger sliders 9:25
    10.Precision editing view 9:50

  2. Rodora Perez says:

    These are 💯. Thanks!

  3. NZJB says:

    The profile option on Calibration is not available on my version of Lightroom?

  4. WOW, this "MATCH TOTAL EXPOSURES" is incredible! THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. m c says:

    the online preview does not work in lighroom CC. I do not have the option to connect to mobile and no makin publiv button. does it work diffrently in the cloud version?

  6. I love you! You have legitimately blown my mind!

  7. Thank you very much, you saved me a lot of time and ive learned some great features i didnt know exist

  8. Regarding sharing photos with a client via a synced connection. The client would need to create an Adobe account to access the collection, right. Does anyone have any practical experience using this process? I'd be mighty glad of some assistance.

  9. Regarding the second tip – Getting Good Colour – the camera's Picture Style doesn't affect a RAW (CR2 – Canon) file. As an example, my cameras' (Canon 1DX and 5D MkII) Picture Styles are set to monochrome (because it's my favoured way of 'seeing' the picture I'm taking) and when they're imported into LR they're full colour. I'd be glad to know if I'm missing something here – because Jamie's example is a CR2 file.

  10. Malik Shibly says:

    The camera calibration thing really blew me away holy crap!

  11. tudorzZzZzZz says:

    some of these tips are so basic but they make such a huge difference in the editing process! Great video!

  12. #awesome tips!!! Thanks for sharing tour expertos Jaime!

  13. Nina says:

    this is incredible. thanks man!

  14. John Eames says:

    Awesome video thanks!

  15. mbhaila2005 says:

    Best LightRoom tips ever…. Thanks a ton!

  16. Good Morning Jamie. Many thanks for these. Great tips with excellent presentation and delivery. No "niff naff" just the facts. Thanks for sharing.

  17. So helpful! Thank you.

  18. Paul PABLO says:

    very helpfull, thanks a lot.

  19. Barry Mayes says:

    Best ever LR tips. Thank you!

  20. Mak Freeman says:

    Match Total expo saved my life!!

  21. Anna Mcgrew says:

    Wow! Such a great help

  22. HANSTAH says:

    tip number 8 doesn't work on my lightroom for some reason. when i click the brush after adding a gradient, it doesn't allow me to erase. some one help pls! hahah.

  23. Far away from others! You are the best!

  24. Very useful
    Thanks alot!

  25. Tom Dz says:

    I'm using Lightroom 3.0 (paid monthly) and my menu and options are different. Do I need to switch to a different version to take advantages of these tips?

  26. Thanks Jamie. Very helpful.

  27. I was so hyped for the fader (#3) but it seems that I canot use it as I have LR CC 🙁 I am sooo bummed…

  28. Marek K says:

    Matching exposure is the best tip. I have been always using Excel to calculate the exposure adjustment 🙂

  29. jamie way says:

    Mindblowing tips Jamie. I'm a commercial director that shoots stills for clients from time to time. I'm a photoshop man myself but you made me jump into Lightroom with more confidence. By the way, I bought some of your presets they are game-changers these presets save me so much time. These presets are a great way of articulating a potential look for a client in quick order.

    keep on making tutorials, please and thanks. I'm a fan of your photos also

  30. Awesome tips! Thank you so much!

  31. sachin kumar says:

    very helpful. thanks

  32. oscar 777 says:

    9:40 you can also click the slider and use the keyboard arrows left and right

  33. Thank you so much! This is incredible.

  34. Hélio Solar says:

    Awesome tips, the fader is golden, optimises workflow alot, thx

  35. Wow!!! Brilliant!! I wish I had seen this when you first published it!! Thank you!

  36. Lentakis says:

    What a useful video! Thanks for that Jamie! I had been thinking for a while of picking up your plugins so I just bought Pack 1.

  37. Krishnaraj L says:

    Great tips!!! thanks Jamie

  38. TianaDashay says:

    This video was just what I needed 🙌🏾

  39. Michael Kroy says:

    Hi Jamie, Thanks for these great tips. Is there any way you could tell me why I do not have the option for "plug in manager" in my 'File' drop down window? I tried asking Adobe forums and haven't heard back.

  40. One of the best light room tips i've ever received thank you 🙏🏾

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