Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator 11 Adobe InDesign CC Tips and Tricks that will blow your mind

11 Adobe InDesign CC Tips and Tricks that will blow your mind

In this live stream, Adobe Evangelist Terry White shows 11 Adobe InDesign 2019 Tips and Tricks that will blow your mind.

20 thoughts on “11 Adobe InDesign CC Tips and Tricks that will blow your mind”

  1. Hi Terry, Big fan of your channel, first time commenting. I was wondering if you could do a video on uploading data to mail merge in InDesign? Sounds like it should be easy, but I'm not having the best of luck with it. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Colleen Hogg says:

    Hey Terry, I am having a problem with my Greyscale images I am importing from Photoshop into Indesign. They are turning out much much darker in InDesign for some reason! How do I set Indesign for a grayscale book, where the images look like they really are in photoshop???? It's driving me crazy

  3. Jas Mac says:

    Terry – you’re amazing! How am I just now finding you!?!?

  4. FindingWendy says:

    Hi terry.. I'm new to indesign.. quick question, if I use a Adobe included template can I add or subtract pages from the template, and can I change the design background colours also is there a email address, or way to message you directly with other questions?

  5. Tip 1 3:13
    Tip 2 6:29
    Tip 3 7:34
    Tip 4 9:04
    Tip 5 10:52
    Tip 6 13:31
    Tip 7 14:55
    Tip 8 18:00
    Tip 9 19:20
    Tip 10 21:03
    Tip 11 22:35

  6. David Bahm says:

    Great stuff as always, Terry… thank you for sharing!

  7. Kaz Zelina says:

    What am I doing wrong? I cant get "gridify" to work. When I have the circle selected, the arrow keys only move that individual circle; they do not duplicate them. Is it because I'm using one of apple's mini keyboards?

  8. Tina Neil says:

    I cannot get this to work and I don't know what I am doing wrong. If I could get this to work, it would save me hours of formatting. I've called tech support for Adobe and they did a screen share and couldn't figure it out. I love this feature.

  9. For gridified number 9 trick, If you hold Command with the same hand you use for for arrow keys you can adjust the space between circles.

  10. Ana Campos says:

    Hi! from Portugal!………….Very clear, and fun again! Thank you for sharing all that knowledge!

  11. document history is great for college profs

  12. newborn here as well. and those being annoyed to see baby steps in tutorials – one day when you become the educator, you will understand Terry. I thank God for meeting you here, sir. more power!

  13. Brenna Davis says:

    The tips about using space bar to move shapes as you drag them out and then using arrow keys to create multiple rows/columns was an incredible tip!!

  14. neuroblossom says:

    Terry White Edutainment 2020!!

  15. Thank you so much! The video is super helpful! I like the way you teach. Thanks!!

  16. Asobi Seksu says:

    the single best Adobe tutorial channel on youtube

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