Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition 3 Effects to Improve Your Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

3 Effects to Improve Your Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn how to improve your audio in Adobe Premiere Pro in this beginner tutorial. 3 simple effects to make your videos sound better in under 10 minutes with …

11 thoughts on “3 Effects to Improve Your Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro”

  1. Andrew Noyes says:

    It's hard to watch a video on audio and see the clipping indicators. BUT, good tips for sure.

  2. Hi! Could you make a video on how to change the time signature and tempo for specific bars in adobe audition? Thanks!

  3. There’s a way to tweak the music with less ducking. Drop the music EQ at +-125 Hz for a male voice, so make the music volume a curve drop around 80-180 Hz for a male voice or 160-260 Hz for a female voice; or even better, play around and figure out the voice frequency and drop the music volume around the same frequency. The effect is that you hear the voice clearly even with louder music.

  4. FUN DRAIN says:

    Used mic many times but never get a chance to editing audio.
    read these terms many times and now got a chance to be explain live.

  5. Michel Lange says:

    Thx for the video. A Limitter would be good. Sound goes now over 0 db.

  6. Dave Gregson says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Thank you Mike….. see you Friday 👍🏻

  7. Great Video and thank Sir Plz make a video about edit audio like (Urdu Cover ) youtube channel

  8. Impressive video!
    And Mike please do a video on how to use different reverbs for different songs with Adobe products. It is really useful.

  9. Agam Bhasin says:

    Great video as always Mike!

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