Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator 5 Must Know Pathfinder Tricks in Adobe Illustrator CC

5 Must Know Pathfinder Tricks in Adobe Illustrator CC

ILLUSTRATOR TUTORIAL: LEARN SOME HIDDEN FEATURES OF THE PATHFINDER! | Check out this video and learn a few secret little things that you may …

36 thoughts on “5 Must Know Pathfinder Tricks in Adobe Illustrator CC”

  1. vikas Kumar says:

    I cant hear the audio

  2. TP E says:

    Can’t find the merge and u talk too much

  3. Eyeshotify says:

    I guess this doesn't work for cs6

  4. nin nin says:

    Useful, but you talk too fast

  5. Sunny Glen says:

    Good info; you go a bit too fast for me so I'll have to watch a few times.

  6. Can you show us how to do a layered 2 level cake look? I also want to fill in the cake layers with multicolors, like a rainbow cake, But it actually has to look like a cake that can be filled. I really want to learn how to do such a unique pattern. But really love your videos and you explain it all so well, which is why I ask.

  7. Sami Bujah says:

    about the fifth trick

    I tried to merge two rings and a warning showed up telling me I need to select two or more filled and overlapping paths in order to merge them but you didn't have to do it…

    I don't get it …

    Would be thankful for some help!

  8. Very useful. I need to start using the pathfinder panel more often now

  9. Alex D. says:

    Very helpful, thank you!

  10. Pete Knutson says:

    Awesome video… learned more about Pathfinder tools than a handful of other videos!

  11. Thank You, Nathaniel! 🙂

  12. you could try talking a little slower

  13. Marie Flood says:

    Talking so fast o_o i get stressed. Otherwise good tutorial!

  14. Jason Pofahl says:

    When I make the 2 ellipses into a compound shape, both end up the same color green instead of the cutout center circle. Any thoughts on what step I am missing here? Thnks

  15. Jason Enz says:

    Amazing! More like this please 🙂

  16. Without a doubt when it comes to tutorial, you're my go to. Thank you very much for all your efforts to teach us! <3

  17. Youtube master. Really inspired.

  18. Muku Mia says:


  19. These are by far the best quality illustrator tutorials I've found.

  20. JC H says:

    Weird, you disappeared from my subscriptions, not sure if thats happening to you a lot.

  21. REALLY appreciate these and other AI tutorials. I've been a video editor for a while and I'm trying to improve my AI game for a number of reasons. Thank you, my brother!

  22. cweb1988 says:

    nice!! super helpful

  23. Niraj films says:

    that was very good tips …. thank you

  24. 360MIX says:

    Want to watch Nathaniel DRUNK? Play at -0.5 Speed…..

  25. yes, some functions are hidden and I saw them first time, thank you for enlighten me.

  26. Fabitalism says:

    2:03 What is the difference between this "Pathfinder-mode" and placing a white object above the other one?

  27. Honestly I've never used the pathfinder tool with the compound shape option, but I can see how useful it can be, a lot of times I would have liked to be able to still have control but never thought there's a solution for it, thanks for the video!

  28. Daniel K says:

    Hey Nate, please can you show us the function in illustrator where you create a shape on either side and then press something and the same shapes fill up in the middle with the same distance between them.

  29. Sailen Ghosh says:

    Where from I can get of all your illustrator videos plz

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