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7 Alternatives To Adobe Lightroom CC

The standalone version of Adobe Lightroom is officially dead, which means if you want to edit and manage your RAW photos without paying a subscription, then you’re looking for an alternative to Adobe Lightroom. I’ve got 7 alternatives (plus a few bonus options) for you to consider.

Pixel Peep The Processed Files:
Capture One:
DxO Optics Pro:
On1 Photo RAW:
Alien Skin Exposure X3:…

29 thoughts on “7 Alternatives To Adobe Lightroom CC”

  1. Marek Ruczaj says:

    August 2019: Testing Corel AfterShotPro 3 and found one annoying issue: Corel claims ot its website, that ASP 3 support DNG RAW files – it is not exactly true. I've got a lot DNG files converted by Adobe DNG Converter App, form Canon's .CR2 RAW files. And these kind of DNG AfterShot don't open. •••• When I report this problem to Corel, they told me, that I can open only DNG files created by supported cameras (which use DNG format as native RAW format) for example Leica's DNG, or Pentax's DNG. I've tested it, by downloading Leica's DNG sample file and its true. ••• It is very strange, because my DNG files are only converted form CR2, without further retouching and correcting, with zero changing – and they won't open in AfterShot. * I've tested AfterShot under my MacOS system, maybe on Windows that issue is OK. Now, I asked Corel for return my money back.

  2. SoosV says:

    I purchased lightroom 7 years ago for windows. They advertised that it could burn to disk, when it wouldn't do it and I asked for help and they told me that I needed to take classes and learn the program. Two months and a couple of thousand dollars later I found proof that It wouldn't burn a disk. They heckled me in online help and when I posted the proof they finally came out and a representative told me that I needed to use windows to burn to disk because there program wouldn't do it. I will never use adoby for anything ever again.

  3. Samy Ismael says:

    Corel doesn't have support for my camera (Lumix G9). Didn't realize it until after I tried to troubleshoot why It couldn't process my raw images. So i'm here to find an alternative.

  4. tectorama says:

    Adobe may not be updating the standalone version of Lightroom, but I believe you can still purchase V.6
    I still use it for my D500. I will only need to look seriously elsewhere if and when "upgrade" my camera.
    If using for the D500, there is a minor upgrade available for LR to recognize its RAW files

  5. i just left adobe cc to old version lightroom 6 but looks like is slow than new version, i am planning to comeback to montly payment soon.

  6. Great summary of LR alternatives. After testing some of the options, here's where I ended up and why.
    ON1 Photo RAW 2019 – WINNER: It was the most similar to LR (including shortcut keys); Reasonably Priced; Most responsive (ie. loaded & rendered images the quickest and no lag when adjusting or scrolling); Unlike the other apps, it allowed me to locate both the Scratch folder and the Cache folder on an external drive and not fill up my internal boot drive.
    I've use LR since it was introduced and still use it in my professional studio. However, I needed an alternative for my personal home collection of photos and that's why I was looking for an alternative. I'm a true opponent of the subscription model and have been on LR6 and PS CS6 since they stopped selling licenses. I will never go on the subscription plan.
    ALIEN SKIN EXPOSURE X4 – Tired it, but it was way too slow, especially on my 5k iMac Pro display. It also would not allow relocation of the Cache folder to and external drive, and quickly ballooned to 5GB after loading a single folder of images. Because there's no limit to the cache folder size, it was using up way to much space on my internal boot drive.
    DxO PhotoLab 2 – Response was slow; it was lacking shortcuts which made it slow and difficult to cull the photos in grid view; it did allow me to limit the size of the cache folder to 1GB, but required it to be located on the internal boot drive (not good). I wish it were better because I do use their Nik Collection (I've owned that since before Google bought NIK, and had to buy it again. It integrated well with PhotoLab.
    COREL AFTERSHOT – It crashed ALL the time.
    ACDSee – I did not try.
    I feel most of these software companies have been around for quite a while and will hopefully continue to be around, so any of the apps are a good bet. There are a few things ON1 needs to add, but for the most part, it's the most similar to LR and is the best performing app of the bunch.

  7. Cyberlink Photodirector? Not on your list. It is a powerful photo organizer and retouch tool. It comes free with Powerdirector suite — a comprehensive suite of video editing programs. Since I do quite a bit of video editing, having a photo editor/organizer that integrates seamlessly with a video editor is a boon. For me. However, Photodirector is available stand-alone. (My take: the wide availability of video capture devices and video as an integral feature of higher end cameras make an app solely for still photos an anachronism.)

  8. 124 Spider says:

    Been using Lightroom for years.
    But for some many months my images come out darker by about 1 stop. Images look fine on Camera and shit on Lightroom needing a fair amount of work. Raw on camera and raw processing on Lightroom.
    Unless one uses the auto adjust, then ok but i use manual function to get the desired results every time.
    Never used have this issue. Then there is this bug in it that messes about with my spot removal positioning So i am out to try competitor's software to see if i am happier with that? Thank's for the brief review🇦🇺

  9. tmcman119 says:

    Thanks for the overview. Let's me know my options.
    "the highlight recovery didn't work very well at all" for ACDSee! Recovery on both ends of the histogram is super important imo.
    As soon as LR 6 on disc is fully dead I'm moving out. Right now I use it in conjunction with Topaz and Nik. A clunky workflow but I like the results.

  10. Scorpius says:

    Affinity Photo is amazing

  11. channelKERR says:

    Had a lot of import photo gremlins with Lightroom (same as many others on google), so thanks for this vid, I'll test these out!

  12. god this image is just so disturbing

  13. Mike Osinski says:

    If you a Sony shooter you can save a lot more Capture One has a Sony only free and paid version, think the Pro Sony was $80

  14. flowerdemon says:

    isn't it likely that you didn't like the results from these softwares because you weren't familiar with their adjustments?

  15. BNBPhotofr says:

    Having used Aftershot Pro since version 2 (native linux client) I have pretty much mastered it. The RAW processing being different then LR and the editing logic too I am not surprised that you got not so good results. Frankly, the local editing tools in ASP are beyond anything else I have tested (save for Darktable).

    The main advantages of ASP are speed, good noise reduction tools and very powerful layer editing.

  16. Farrukh says:

    Man, I thought, I'm the only one who is not happy with Corel Aftershot… Thanks for being big brother 🙂

  17. what do you think of Corel Paintshop pro?

  18. Thumb up for your effort. I used Lr for 9+ years, C1 for a year, and tested On1, AfterShot and some others (not mentioned here).

    I can see, you love Lr workflow and look from that perspective toward others. I felt the same a year ago, switching to C1. Now I wonder how I made so long with Lr. I remember 9+ years ago when I learned Lr. It was most cluttered, impossible, cumbersome, nointuitive software to date (years later SpeedGrade won in the cumbersomness). Same for Photoshop, since I am user of Corel suite from version 3 or 4 (now 18 is out). So I understand you praise software that is exactly (cumbersome) as Lightroom. I saved so much time in a year using C1 compared to Lr, that is unbeliavable.

    CapturOne actually have built in shortcuts manager, contrary to Lightroom. I use Slovenian keyboard so some shortcuts in Lr plainly does not work. Did you ever tried to change default shortcut in Lr? you need to hack it via translation scripts and that is broken each time new update from CC is out. It is huge P.I.T.A., while C1 have plain keyboard asign module, just like any major software (including Adobes other programs). Even more, in C1 they thought of users who forget what shortcuts are and there is reminder – a complete list of shortcuts is opened locally in web browser. You can search internet for Lr shortcuts (instead of one click). I found C1 much, much quicker and more eficient than Lr, even because shortcuts that are customizable.

    There are few spots that are not covered with shortcuts (changing the crop aspect, which is pita again, but Lr does not have it either). You said you prefer the look from Lr over C1. I can say the same for about 1% of images I had edited in Lr and I can't replicate the look in C1 (or I do not know how). But for 99% of all others C1 wins hands down. It feels like upgraded the lens or camera or both, so much more defined image is. Even sharpening is more controlled (as everything). I use Pentax, and while I fixed colors only after using colorchart and DNG profiler, C1 does the same out of the box. Yes, C1 have some cumbersome shortcommings ad well (at least for Pentax user), like lens profiles, but in myjority it is more refined than Lr, plus it have layers and better masking so it reduced my trips to Ps significantly. Let alone it's browser reflects changes outside of it instantly, while Lr have troubles and sometimes it must be restarted.

    ON1 – immature and amateurish at many levels. RAW resolving as good as Lr or C1, while not so refined at extreme image levels (highlights). Still better detail resolving than Lr. Not that fast at all. Barelly faster than Lr, much slower than C1.

    AfterShot – true – IQ much lower on every way you look at it.

    I see as LUMINAR very true alternative to Lightroom. It is almost like a clone of it, while much nicer to see and it feels faster as well. Actually anything is faster than Lr lately.

  19. SUPERSS90 says:

    I have Affinity Photo I like it..

  20. Lighroom is awesome in managing folders and photos right after injecting the card into the computer , anybody knows any other software that can mange photos like LR ?

  21. A Rouf says:

    very useful overview

  22. Marcelo Gori says:

    Thank so much for your great explanation and definitely it was of a great help. I had a purchased LR and I can not take it to my new Mac, so paying a subscription is too much for me unfortunatelty

  23. I would consider a subscription model, IF Adobe priced their products fairly around the world.
    $9.99 = £7.49 okay, but in the UK it's £9.98 which is $13.31.
    Considering that the product is delivered digitally I can see no reason for the difference, except Adobes greed.
    I bought my LR and Elements outright through Amazon (which was cheaper than Adobe)
    But when I have to change, I'll go for one of the other options.

  24. George Stone says:

    I've standardized on Raw Therapee, XnView and GIMP. It does everything I need FREE! I don't miss LR & PS at all. I think a lot of photographers spend a lot of money on a lot of unnecessarily expensive software and equipment to convince themselves they're "real" photographers because of course the more money you spend the more professional you are, in their minds.

  25. Piper Pilot says:

    I have been using Acdsee 9 and Aftershot3 . Aftershot 3 sucks. I rather use Corel Paintshop for raw files instead of aftershot. Mostly been using Acdsee 9 but have noticed my raw finals are not all that great sometimes, the jpg out of camera looks better. I like using Acdsee program very user friendly. I get very frustrated with software. I shoot with pantax k3 and panasonic g7. I hate that I have a friend who shots just jpg only and her pictures look better then my raw processed files.

  26. Xavier Cruz says:

    Dude, just get LR Classic CC… problem solve!

  27. Hi Spyros, I have evaluated a number of these apps over the years, and found your comments on DxO and CaptureOne to be pretty close to what I experienced as well, although of the two, I preferred working with DxO. I started with ACDsee Pro many years ago, only migrating to Lightroom a couple of years ago. My reason for migrating was essentially a desire to leverage Lightroom Plugins like Nik. I also evaluated Bibble 5, which became AfterShot Pro, but wasn't terribly impressed. It really felt like a good start that needed to be refined. Frankly, my favourite alternative to Lightroom was, and remains, ACDSee Ultimate. Frankly, I think it's raw processing is every bit as good as Lightroom once you get used to its feature set. Also, it has very robust and intuitive import/export facilities, as well as excellent DAM Management capabilities for photos. It would easily be my first choice as a replacement for Lightroom. In fact, I am currently evaluating the latest version for just that purpose. Anyway, thanks for the excellent overview.

  28. Madera says:

    Luminar is a one time $69 not a month LOL

  29. Enjoyed your video very much
    I own pentax k5 nikon d 750 d 500 d 300s and i am using Capture NX-D from nikon for the raw conversion
    i also have lightroom mwich is not bad and easy to use but get better result from the raw conversion from NX D
    after using NX D i get the tiff TIFF Lightzone to get local adjustments and despite the learning curve to it i find it awesome
    The only really good tutorial to learn it are in german on youtube
    Even when using lightroom Igo to lightzone to get the extra sparks to fit my taste

    By the way i know a fantastic photographer who is shooting Nikon D7100 and use Canon software to process it's image
    and believe me the results is Awesome fantastic , when i will find the time wil definitely try

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