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A Dreamweaver Quick Tutorial

A quick tutorial on getting the basic feel of using Adobe Dreamweaver.. Build an HTML file and apply simple Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) code.

Explore the code editor and LIVE view as you build a simple webpage.

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The tool has been around for more than 20 years and continues to be one of the premier web development tools today.

49 thoughts on “A Dreamweaver Quick Tutorial”

  1. Great tutorial and easy to follow. Thanks!

  2. AK Records says:

    Thanks for Watching this Video, Any One Interested for Free Download click here

  3. kdw75 says:

    Why can't these programs like Dreamweaver, Elementor etc, simply work like Indesign or Quark? It is so intuitive and simple. The remind me of budget software like Word or Publisher.

  4. This was really helpful. Good overview! Thanks so much.

  5. Actually am here just for one reason. Do you recommend this program. Thanks

  6. G K says:

    The "cascading" in CSS refers to the order of precedence of the style rules. For example, you can define the color as red in one part of the CSS file, but if you define it again as blue somewhere further down, the last one (blue) takes precedence over the red one. The rules "cascade" down.

  7. Guys, just use microsoft visual studio code. It is just as good if not better. and most importantly it is free!! and please dont learn writin gcode using dreamweaver program. learn it by watching videos WRITING code and not dragging it. Or just use a program like wordpress if you dont wanna learn coding.

  8. Techduo says:

    i am creating a website on dreamweaver. basically, i will be taking peoples stories, and animating it using fuse into a real looking, 3D animation. of course it will cost money to make a story depending on how long it is.

  9. Wow so beautiful tutorial!!! Are there other tutorials on dreamweaver?

  10. Wengie Poops says:

    Even though you won't probably see this, but I really thank you for this quick tutorial. I've been trying to look for simple tutorials but the ones I find are too difficult to understand. Your tutorial's the best <3 Thanks man!

  11. seems like a great program, gonna try it with a template instead of using squarespace or the likes.

  12. skippymagrue says:

    Thank you! I'm about to dive into the wild world of websites and this really helped me feel confident. 🙂

  13. Carol Ward says:

    Your video was very helpful. I used to design my websites with Frontpage (please don't laugh) because I liked the WSYWYG aspect. I am trying to use dreamweaver now for a new website and your video was the easiest to understand!!!

  14. Lena Han says:

    one point i like is your speaking speed, won't bore me through the tutorial

  15. Rip Curl 69 says:

    My guy! Gonna start to build a website in computer science class tomorrow for my GCSEs (UK boi here) and my teacher recommended this! Good tutorial

  16. James Kang says:

    I haven't used DW last few years, happy to find you …..will follow you thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  17. Mantas LTU says:

    Hey, i was searching entire the internet and I didn't seen anything similar like Dreamweaver, i am learning HTML CSS and Bootstrap , trying to use all of these to develop webpages. I was dreaming about a software where all the tools like bootstrap items positioning, grid, etc. Would be included in a special navigation bar in the program. And yes! Dreamweaver is excactly what i need. I dont have to waste my time by searching different commands on the net, how to use it. I have everything here near my hand and by testing i can learn much quicker. Also i have here live page preview which is amazing. I can select the div or section components and in my code its easily showing the line where that code is (also time saving). So i have a question, is there any similar and same powerful softwares exist? I found bootstrap studio but i did not liked that cause there I don't feel free to edit my html codes instantly how i want it has not comfortable control.

  18. Shorif AHMED says:

    + u did not do a good vid LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  19. Shorif AHMED says:

    nothing really interested
    it was a ok vid but relly ded

  20. Get Surreal says:

    Respect for sharing your knowledge, but I think it's very outdated and useless software in the modern time.

  21. I remember using Dreamweaver in 2002 back in the labs at LSI Corporation. surprised it's still around today

  22. thank you!!! you have a very calming voice and made me less stressed about wanting to tackle learning this stuff! great teacher

  23. Thanks for the video. It was very helpful.

  24. James Lee says:

    ngl this app is so gay so hard to use suck ya mum

  25. Likezo Amusa says:

    Hey I really Like your videos and I also want to know how to edit videos

  26. rgaufman says:

    Hmm, as a web developer, I'm really confused by Dreamweaver. Who is it for? – Any modern web app will use a JS framework like React with a backend API, or some kind of server rendering like Ruby on Rails and on the front end something Adobe XD or Sketch App for the design, or a CSS framework like Bootstrap to get started quicker. So what exactly is the point of Dreamweaver, who is it for? – is it just for beginners learning?

  27. Thanks – following up on my other comment… should I create a custom email layout using this or InDesign? I know INDD but have never used DW. I want to import and use in Mailchimp. Thanks

  28. Do you know how to use InDesign (or should I use Dreamweaver) to create an email template for use with MailChimp? I want to create a custom layout. Thanks

  29. Rhev 1001 says:

    Like y is it so hd

  30. I didn't know dreamweaver was still alive. This was my first wedding software

  31. man this shit is too hard

  32. ex : or says:

    thanks! watched a dozen before, but this one makes it easy to get the way it works!

  33. moses gitau says:

    This is an amazing tutorial

  34. Very interesting program! I like it quite a bit
    Was using brackets but dream weaver is just nice

  35. JDrayzen says:

    Great tutorial! Thank You!

  36. Maxx Biff says:

    lol, getting the basic feel? Started out well enough but goes to warp 9 in a few seconds.

  37. Kreemerz says:

    Still think it's better than WordPress.

  38. Jasem jasem says:

    U R Great Teacher . Thanks 4 all Things. we need more a bout DreamWeaver .

  39. This quick overview just scratches the surface on website design. If you are interested in learning more about using Dreamweaver to develop websites and web applications, please leave a message in the comments.

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