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AC-7 Core HD for iPad Demo

High level demonstration of the AC-7 Core HD DAW controller app by Saitara Software on iPad 2 iOS 6.1. Controlling Sony Acid Pro 7.0 and Adobe Audition 3.0 DAWs running on Windows 7 64-bit. This is my first software demo video and I didn’t have a script, so excuse any stumbles and generous usage of “ummm..”
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developer for AC-7 Core HD
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6 thoughts on “AC-7 Core HD for iPad Demo”

  1. Can you think of any reason why I can't see my levels? 

  2. Jon Lindsey says:

    Anyone using Logic X, SAVE your money!!!!!!  at this point its just a rip off, it doesnt work with Logic X,  there has never been any updates what so ever since the launch of this app is 2012, the website has been pretty much been in the process of being updated and should be live in a day or two, or so thats what the website has been saying for about 2 years. Anyway dont get ripped off, plus Apple make a free remote for Logic X.

  3. Thanks…I was half interested and now whole sold. For $5.00 it would just be 'interesting' to see what it does. 

  4. ElevenBravo says:

    Thanks for watching and for the comment. Too bad that support is not available…

  5. This is a pretty good app and for macs there's no need to download additional software to use. It has a lot of deep features that you will pretty much have to play with and find what's what for yourself. My only gripe would. to be with with the company, the website has been down for months,no support at all. Was hoping for maybe an expander to get more faders on a 2nd ipad like the first version but doesn't look like its gonna happen.

  6. hello i saw your video demonstration about ac7 core hd and I must say it is very interesting. I ask because on my iPad 2 when I enable rec buttons, mute and only these do not light up? my logic and 9.1.7. thanks

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