Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Adobe Acrobat DC Essentials: Sample Lesson 01 – Introduction to Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat DC Essentials: Sample Lesson 01 – Introduction to Acrobat

Create, Manipulate, and Liberate your PDF Documents with Adobe Acrobat
In this “Uniquely Engaging” TM course from Bigger Brains you will learn to use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to convert documents to PDF files, search within PDF documents, edit and markup PDF documents, and convert and optimize PDF files.

26 thoughts on “Adobe Acrobat DC Essentials: Sample Lesson 01 – Introduction to Acrobat”

  1. 。 日本語に変換依頼。

  2. Przecież Ziemia jest płaska jak naleśnik,

  3. Hello Mellow says:

    love this tutorial ,it is great .THANK YOU

  4. Is there more adobe lessons? I was unable to locate them.

  5. kuatum Poole says:

    You sold out the people by going to the cloud which is your way of stealing peoples ideas. Oh I know you will say thats not true.
    Really? Just look at all the security you need. That alone proves it.
    This is your way to stop others from stealing what your stealing. I will no longer use Adobe and will encourage others to stop using it too.
    I do not know what happened to you. I took adobe in college and was proud of you. Now I cant stand you.
    Probably too late to change your sell out to corporate greed. Smh

  6. Dan Nichols says:

    What does 'DC' MEAN???

  7. i d k says:

    I have the pro. If I share the pdf from adobe acrobat dc with someone who does not have pro, do I lose the features for that pdf as well?

  8. Bryan Wagner says:

    I have a question regarding Adobe Acrobat DC. I work with Adobe Acrobat DC in my job. My problem faced is this: I have tagged a document and added alternate text to this document, reviewed the tagging carefully, reviewed the alternate text carefully, and compared the Tag Panel with the Content Panel carefully. Everything looks good. When I listen to the table on one of the pages, the audio reads the table column by column instead of row by row as I want. What causes this, and can this problem be fixed ? Thank you. BLW

  9. LEARN ALONG says:

    I've been paying for the past 5 months for Acrobat Pro DC – and not knowing what to do with it. Would this be the same?

  10. David Krahl says:

    Very good tutorial. Good tone/voice for an instructor, too.

  11. Hi, thanks a lot for this lesson, but are there any others apart from this one?

  12. Here's my question. I downloaded a PDF File using the Adobe DC . Once on my computer, after the first time I saved my changes, it will not allow me to make any future changes. I'm exhausted with the process. It seems as if the program is trying to force me to purchase another program. Am I using the wrong Adobe. I want to be able to use the free copy.

  13. Cris says:

    Well explained tutorial. Really helpful, thanks.

  14. thank you very much for this nice tutorial

  15. Shakil Ahmed says:

    Simple and clear explanation . Thanks a lot. Learn many things from this video.

  16. Habtom Tekle says:

    Hi Reeves, nice one. I would like to master Adobe Acrobat pro. Plse advise

  17. KJV Warrior says:

    Man I bought this thing, but it won't download into my laptop. They keep charging me every month, but still can't download, yes I tried everything….HELP! Adobe won't respond.

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