Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Adobe AIR: Installation file is damaged FIX! 2018 Working 100%

Adobe AIR: Installation file is damaged FIX! 2018 Working 100%

like and sub if worked comment so others can see

45 thoughts on “Adobe AIR: Installation file is damaged FIX! 2018 Working 100%”

  1. Mega Alba says:

    Omg bro thank you so much I love you.

  2. Mohamed says:

    U r literally the best

  3. hassaan zia says:

    That worked. thanks man

  4. 😮 really worked! thanks too much!

  5. It really worked!! Thanks bro!

  6. I can't believe that worked. Lol all you need to do is travelled back in time. Thx

  7. ryan Hailey says:

    it works. Appreciate it

  8. Not working for me *august 2019

  9. EL RUSSO says:

    Thank You. It's Worked

  10. Funcionou……..Vlw eu quase perdi 300 R$

  11. thanks so much <3
    From Viet Nam

  12. VSG24 says:

    it actually works

  13. Talliesyn says:

    still worked as of mid 2019


  15. Zephyrast says:

    Wow it totally worked. Thanks.

  16. Wow that really worked, Thanks.

  17. Thanks a lot. It actually helped.

  18. Sys Rq says:

    It works, thanks a lot.

  19. Sujata Dulal says:

    absouletly worked for me . thank you tons 🙂

  20. It worked, fuck yeah. Thank bro.

  21. Waoooooooo you save my day ! Thanks!

  22. melkenshawn says:

    Unbelievable! I can't believe it worked!

  23. Cold Nuke says:

    Unbelievable Well Played man.. I tried everything and saw this like wtf. It worked

  24. abraham o says:

    thanks man its working, i thought my cd rom was broken

  25. Thank you so much it works well for me (17 September 2018)

  26. Shan Dush says:

    It Worked Thank you very much . This is the Best solution for this error

  27. its work …….. well done

  28. Dustin Bjork says:

    Wow that really worked, Thanks.

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