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Adobe Audition Audio Latency Fix

Getting Audio Latency when recording in Adobe Audition? Here are three quick tips and bonus to help you sort that out and get back to your voice over recording day. Latency refers to a short period of delay between when an audio signal enters and when it emerges from a system.

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15 thoughts on “Adobe Audition Audio Latency Fix”

  1. how to fix crashes??? not the latency…

  2. Un immense merci pour cette vidéo!!!!

  3. Cakrawala says:

    Aaaaa thank you it's working!!

    Yeaa "MME" isn't bring any good result, even i set the latency about 30-50ms, it was like 200ms for me.
    Just installed ASIO and change "Device Class" into it in Audition, then go setting for activating my device list.

    SURPRISINGLY, it fix my problem 🙂

  4. This really really helped me out! THANK YOU!!!

  5. Simoneiko says:

    When your audio plays over itself is there a way to separate it? Really need help….

  6. Thank you so much your trick did not help me exactly but it let me to the right place …device class : MME there is a latency adjuster , it was at 200 ms then I lowered to 30 the minimum but it was crackly I raised up to 50 which is perfect.. still a little latency but not noticeably I well try look around to perfect it but right now it got me out of a pickle I have a wireless mic head set and I like to record while sitting down to adjust or walking around. lol I know it's crazy… Anyways thank you … you have a new subscriber.

  7. Hi! I am using Adobe Auditon CC 2018 and I would like to know how much latency should i set my mic to? I am using windows as my OS and a blue yeti microphone..thanks

  8. the only video there is online that actually works

  9. Adrian Garth says:

    Mac: You can lower the buffer size to 256 Samples. Adobe Audition -> Preferences -> Audio hardware -> I/O Buffer Size; this will help with the latency. For playback / editing / mixing, you can increase it again and it will be cool.

  10. does this work in 1.5

  11. All Glory To GOD!!! Thanks For Your Assistance

  12. Hey I got asio as an option on Device class but under device I only have Asio4all v2. With this settings I can't hear playback

  13. What if you don't have an ASIO driver option? Is there anything I can do or am I screwed? o3o

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