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Adobe Audition CC Podcast Workflow

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My Adobe Audition podcasting workflow. In this video I edit my recent interview with Durin Gleaves from Adobe!

43 thoughts on “Adobe Audition CC Podcast Workflow”

  1. Fantastic tutorial, mate. Thank you for this. I have just finished writing my first podcast episode and I want to use the same workflow that you show on tutorial. One thing I wanna find out is if you can create a preset on the editing? Any feedback much of help. Cheers

  2. JT says:

    Mike – Really Enjoy your videos. Have you had any experience with using the RODECaster Pro ans Adobe Together? Thanks A Bunch! JT

  3. Daniel Boyd says:

    You’re better off using ABR 128 when it comes to podcasts. It’ll give more bitrate where needed while keeping file size consistent, vs. VBR. dBpoweramp is a fantastic tool for this and has a multi-encoder so you can export to FLAC for archiving, and then AAC, MP3, OGG, or OPUS depending on your needs and audience.

  4. Jonski says:

    Exactly what I searched for – Thank you!

  5. Catina Mauro says:

    Hi, is there a way to make the video of the screen a bit more closer up so we don't see blurred text but a clear text so we can read what you are doing. I just watched another vid that said standard kbps is 256 when exporting but your mention of some number in the 400s just made me wonder so I tried to read what your screen says and cannot. Thanks for your help.

  6. Kent Godfrey says:

    Lower your mic brother your neck looks painful

  7. 1okdude says:

    you just fly through the EQ part. could you explain that part and what you are doing?

  8. This was super helpful. Thank you so much!

  9. Super helpful, thank you for making this

  10. Great tutorial as always! I was going a little crazy with this one though, bc trying your panning technique BOTH left and right channels were getting panned to the right or left by using Audition's defaults. I found that I needed to change "Panning Mode" in the "Multitrack" preferences to "logarithmic panning" (which simply attenuates one channel). Then I also needed to create a new track for the preference to take effect. Now I can follow the rest of the tutorial! If you have a better way of accomplishing this, please let me know! Ty!

  11. hanserino says:

    Dude, this was awesome.

  12. Twin Halos says:

    I can not thank you enough for this video!!!!

  13. R London says:

    Thanks Mike! Is it best to use RCA to computer or 1/8 JACK to computer? What's best for quality or what do you prefer?

  14. Hi Mike, would you be able to tell me the rules for using audio from a separate video/audio interview to include into your own podcast?

  15. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

  16. Jayy Reezy says:

    How did you record them separate?

  17. Alex Knight says:

    I would have optimized the source audio pre loudness correction. It looks like the audio source is too hot. Taking a source that hasn't been optimized prior to loudness correction can lead to aggressive limiting. Why not tame those peaks with compression?

  18. Thanks for this video. Very informative.

  19. Great tutorial! Thank you!

  20. Imad guemmah says:

    what's the MIC MAKE you're using?

  21. This is great stuff, thank you!

  22. Thank you for this video. I am just getting in to Adobe Audition and this was really helpful.

  23. Can you explain how you recorded him off Skype and got decent audio quality?

  24. Super, thank you so much 🙂

  25. Did I hear you say Isle of Wight nipper?

  26. Sean Seah says:

    I am so glad I found u Mike, your work is outstanding and so clear and concise to helping noobs like me. Thanks!

  27. Games TV says:

    You have a good voice.What microphone do you use for recording ?

  28. OBrienDustin says:

    Hey Mike, what software did you use to record the Skype conversation?

  29. Thank's for the vid! Do you have one on how to record the interview on separate tracks or files?

  30. How come the export time is like 60mins for a 3min song? There's tons of people with this problem….

  31. Loved this video and all the explanation you did Mike. Great job!

  32. Hi Mike. thanks for sharing this video.It was very useful. When following along,  I got to mixing down the entire session but once I did that, the wav file it created was empty. Do you know why that might happen? Is there something I need to select before I do this?

  33. Hi Mike, is this possible to do this process in Adobe Audition CS6? 

  34. It's good to have you back Mike!

  35. It's great to have you back on the block again! Cheers!

  36. Libardomm says:

    We miss you. where were you?

  37. Freddie says:

    Great tutorial Mike! What kind of microphone do you use? 🙂

  38. slyderc says:

    Great information as always, Mike.  Thanks!  Also – awesome shirt.  Is it available online anywhere?!

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