Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition Adobe Audition CC Tutorial: Third Party VST Management [2017]

Adobe Audition CC Tutorial: Third Party VST Management [2017]

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In this video tutorial I will show you how to add third party VSTs to Adobe Audition CC 2017!

Effects Rack in Audition CC
I have been using Creative Cloud for a while. Love it. As I am an audio engineer of sorts I tend to stick to Ableton Live. However, today I figured I would get in and check out Audition.

While messing about I…

34 thoughts on “Adobe Audition CC Tutorial: Third Party VST Management [2017]”

  1. Please how did you get these vst (s)? I mean if you downloaded them on or bought. Can you please recommend some plugin for Adobe audition cc?

  2. I try what you said in Video, it does scan seems to find my plugin which is Deverberate but it does not seem to install and enable, cant figure this out.

  3. God fuckin VSTs are so hard to get working I don't get it

  4. DE Fiverr says:

    Can REAPER plugsin be added to Audition? Can't find anything that says so, or shows it. Tnx.

  5. Does RX connect work with Audition ?

  6. JayTreeTV says:

    You are the MAN, my dude!!! just saved me SOOOOO MUCH time and hassle! best "Adobe Audition VST" video out there!! BIG THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!

  7. You saved me, thank you 😉

  8. I'm having an issue where I've created a project and saved it but when I come back to it later. Autotune isn't loaded and all my settings are gone, resulting in having to figure out the autotune presets I had.

  9. Neon Channel says:

    Русский респект тебе, друг!

  10. Rektanics says:

    Does someone know where to download free plugins to create a voice that sounds like in a telephone conversation? I have Adobe Audition 3.0 and there are no effects.

  11. Zeno Skyline says:

    your are the best thanks

  12. What happens when they show up inside the program, but you can't hear them?

  13. Ace McCloud says:

    The part where you said " no big deal' was the part i needed.

  14. The new Adobe is garbage…. Tried to get Superior Drummer to work…Come to find out it isn't compatible…Worked fine in Adobe Audition 3.0

  15. Gaming Hardx says:


    If any of you is using a DAW which scans for waves plugins but doesn't show the m for use.

    There might be a compatibility issue! Waves plugins are compatible with only 32-Bit (x86) daws, so make sure you are using the correct one!

  16. how do i connect my piano to adobe audition its conected to my pc via usb and audio hardware is connected to a microphone cann i record both simotanesly on adobe audition?

  17. SAINT BROS says:

    I have a weird issue when I scan my vst folders nothing shows up but I have like 6 vst’s from waves

  18. Saridim says:

    Anyone else having issues where they try to run the plugin manager it freezes audition?

  19. I have a ton of DX wave plugins will they work with adobe Audition??

  20. hola amigo. una pregunta, por que no me reconoce los vst de waves v9. lo instale y nolos reconoce los plugins.

  21. thank u mr Josua good support

  22. Pure Toons says:

    how can i download all of extra plugins which in your pc i can see?

  23. Aris Mina says:

    i tried so many times that procedures… but still not showing… im using audition cs6

  24. Link for the plugin please

  25. I need help
    i installed Flux IRCAM Tools 1.1 and when i click on effects – VST or VST3 nothing will show and when i open audio plugins manager i see C:Program Files (x86)VSTplugins and when i click on scan for plug-ins it gives me nothing the menu still empty why he dont open flux ircam tools that i installed it ?

  26. Orange Betsy says:

    I got presswork but I cannot touch anything in it or audition immediately crashes

  27. My plugin files are .dll files how do I get them to be .vst3 files?

  28. Lena Nana says:

    What if i only have VS3 Plug-ins which are all not working? Where can I get the VST Plug-ins you have? Please help me…

  29. 7 Dayz says:

    knockout plugin doesn't show it

  30. Ryson Beats says:

    Friend waves is compatible with adobe cc 2017 since i tried adding the vst and can not please help me

  31. Sebs Osorio says:

    the audio plug in manager doesnt open any folder or window…what can i do

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