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Adobe Audition Control Surface – Palette Gear

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12 thoughts on “Adobe Audition Control Surface – Palette Gear”

  1. Tio Yesi says:

    Very interesting, as always. Allow me to comment and ask you. As of today, September 30, 2019, what control surface is a good option for You?
    -The Loupedeck ?
    -The Palette Expert?
    -Or maybe, if it was possible to choose, do you think it is good to use the Icon Pro Audio QCON PRO X ?
    -Or another that you have in mind as a good option…

    (without incorporating the price factor, just for performance or ease of workflow improvement)

    Thank you for your time and share your knowledge.
    Greetings from Chile

  2. Mike! My friend in Middle East tried to join the giveaway but it says it’s not included in our region!

  3. Jake G says:

    This is the tactility that I have been in search of my entire life

  4. JMPinker says:

    That Palette Gear looks awesome, specially because it can be use with another Adobe products!!

  5. Tim Woodbury says:

    What's the advantage to a kit like this versus learning the hotkeys for the mapped actions?

  6. Nice, but I prefer the PreSonus Faderport products.

  7. Peter Teipe says:

    Looks like an awesome modular tactile hands on controller for Adobe Audition

  8. Luis Macias says:

    Me pregunto cual sera su voz natural sin tanto filtro

  9. +Mike Russell Palette may be a good physical controller, but your jingle will not be complete without Music Radio Creation.

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