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Adobe Audition CS6 Tutorial | Reducing Background Noise | InfiniteSkills

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31 thoughts on “Adobe Audition CS6 Tutorial | Reducing Background Noise | InfiniteSkills”

  1. Dani D says:

    One of the best tutorial ever

  2. SNR1 says:

    wheres the rest of the tutorial? part 2? you should have really included it in the description

  3. I thought the last video i saw was the best one dealing with noise reduction until i saw this one and I can't believe how much more detailed it is. Guess it's a good lt's a good thing I kept looking for more videos! Thanks for such a detailed video !!!

  4. I suggest using noisegate rather than noise reduction (metal)

  5. Dude, this is a very well delivered tutorial. Thank you so much!!!

  6. Thank you for your tutorials, I have subscribed. Couldn't resist mentioning that you sound exactly like the late, great Carl Sagan. Has anybody ever told you that? 

  7. Gaurav Cz says:

    That metallish kinda sound. How do i get rid of that? I have tried different effects but its only making it worse. Need help. 

  8. This is perfect. Great that you went over more than one method. Thank you so much.

  9. Thank you so much! You saved my life. When I thought I had lost a whole shoot, I found your video and helped me. God Bless!!!!!!

  10. Coco W says:

    this really helped A LOT. thank you so much!

  11. Lovely lessons. Thanks.. Keep up the great work..

  12. This tutorial is awesome. I will try that on my stuff. Thanks, sir.

  13. Am a newbie here, but this tutorial is never like what have seen or heard. You address my challenge in your tutorial. Well done. Am subscribed, keep up the good work.

  14. freakstate says:

    4:12 "go to Effects" then "Filter and EQ" did your Adam's Apple drop? 😉

  15. AWC Dynamic says:

    I have a dual monitor set up. I just passed your class. Thanks Teach!

  16. AWC Dynamic says:

    I still occasionally get this metallic-ish type of sound still. Please help

  17. Steve Hills says:

    Brilliantly explained, thanks.

    thank you so much bro

  19. Cambaz Oglu says:

    ur good
    please help me

  20. Cambaz Oglu says:

    Hi can u please edit a recording i have for me? Its a recording of my wife and i really need ur help. please contact me on yahoo messenger use name cambaz2013 or email me at Been going crazy trying to edit this audio and if u care ? U might be abe to save a mariage. Pleae contact me.

  21. Jason Foote says:

    In CS6, it is right underneath the wave form screen. Look closely and you can see his wave form at the top, minimized, in the bright green.
    You can also open it by clicking on the "Show Spectral Frequency" display button, on the toolbar at the top left, or use Shift+D in Windows (not sure what Mac is)

  22. Great tutorial! It solved the issues I was having with Adaptive Noise Reduction and De-hummer. My videos now sound clean the whole way through, and not garbled.

  23. gsimon123 says:

    How do you deal with the metallic tinny sound mentioned at 8:58. That sound is really troubling me when I try to reduce certain frequencies via noise reduction. Is it possibly to reduce or remove that sound without sacrificing as much fo the voice frequencies?

  24. rfenomen says:

    Thanks great tutorial

  25. TiagoWazzup says:

    that red button right underneath the favorites tab

  26. singingimp says:

    How did he view the clip like that? Mine is all in wave form. How do you get that…fiery-looking view?

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