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Adobe Audition Install in Ubuntu

How to install Adobe Audition in Ubuntu

Wine is required

8 thoughts on “Adobe Audition Install in Ubuntu”

  1. My dear friend receives greetings from Costa Rica, I really liked your video, I have a question as I do for the program I heard as I opened the files but do not listen I do excuse my English because I did a google translator if you can answer thank you.


  2. Robert Pratt says:

    Font trouble. The software works well, but fonts do not display in Select/View minutes/seconds, multi track or edit views. Am I missing a particular font package?

  3. @interactionsclub I had no problems at all installing this. Currently running Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit with the latest wine version.

  4. @666lilnickY Try to get the latest wine, and also look this up in the winehq website, to see if there are some dependencies regarding this app 😀
    If you need further help just write me back

  5. i tried installing with wine. then the first time i click audition it starts fine but says to continue please restart audition.

    the second time it freezes on the loading screen.

  6. kaboratech says:

    @cutekayle Compiz settings , its easy .

  7. cool cursor wish you could make tutorial about it

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