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Adobe Audition Tip: Save Session & Files Together

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It’s easy for files to get lost when you’re saving a session file with multiple audio files from all over the place. Here’s a quick solution with Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative.

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31 thoughts on “Adobe Audition Tip: Save Session & Files Together”

  1. Yanou Bailly says:

    Hi! how do i export my video? Everytime i export only the audio exports but i need my video and my audio to export, can someone please help me!

  2. Customer: hey can you send me the audition file?
    Me: Sure
    also me: thank's a lot for uploading this video you've saved me! again!

  3. bigscreemtv says:

    thanks – Mike to the rescue

  4. Alex Lynch says:

    Does this mean I can apply changes to the files and I'll always have a backup in case my original audio files are permanently overwritten?

  5. nidaleks says:

    can I use adobe audition 2019 to open a session created with adobe audition 1.5?

  6. Donn Lawler says:

    Great tutorial Mike! Thank you so much for your channels! LOVE THEM! But I am curious, have you ever encountered a time when exporting session did NOT work, such as I am encountering now? I love to increment daily work and I would do the export session or use SAVE AS, renaming the file and placing in a new folder and now… well, nothing is happening and I am stumped and terrified I will lose some important work. Any response would be most appreciated!

  7. Sandeep says:

    You are a life saver!! Thanks

  8. Andrew Beise says:

    Thanks a lot, this video helped me immensely!!

  9. Thank you SOOO much! Your video just save my podcast partner and I from a giant meltdown. Your videos have been SO helpful to us. We can't thank you enough!

  10. Thanks for this Mike. I'm working on my very first e-learning VO, and this really helps a lot! 🙂

  11. Wow…well thank you for the tutorial. i will try this step as soon as i get the chance. but in the case you could answer my question before i get the opportunity to do so….would this help with the issue that i'm having as far as saving my multi track session and not being able to do a playback on the audio….i have had this issue ever since ive started working with audition and to this day have not been able to find a solution. Ive just been doing a traditional "save as" format when i close out of a project and when i open the project back up, it shows my whole multi-track session that i was working on but i am unable to get a playback.

  12. Hi Mike, this tutorial is very helpful! Thanks for that! 🙂 Have one more query that I'm unable to find anywhere else. I have multi-tracks and each track has few audio files in it. How do I save each track as separate Audio file (wav or mp3 etc.). Say, I have some 50 tracks and each track having at least 5 audio files. I want to save these 50 tracks as 50 separate audio files. Thanks in advance!

  13. Carburetor says:

    Mike, how can i save them cuted or sliced as in the project? Every cell of the project to be separated file.
    Because sometimes i need them segmented.

  14. Carburetor says:

    One of the most amazing and time saving tips ever!!!!!

  15. Katie Kat says:

    THANK YOU!!! (And Thank you to your VOICE. Finally, tutorials without vocal fry or up speak!)

  16. OH MY GOD. THANKS SO MUCH. You saved me.

  17. Steven Soto says:


  18. Marcel says:

    thank you, saved my A** :D, love your voice by the way!

  19. Thank you.. so helpful.

  20. Reggie Miles says:

    Hey Mike — thanks for your productions… They are COOL — short, quick, and to the point.. 

  21. Life saver! Thanks Mike!

  22. Mike Russell says:

    Maybe use batch processing. Thanks Hugo!

  23. Great job!
    Please, is there any way to add a single audio file to the end of several songs at once? Thanks!

  24. Mike, your tutorials are the best!

  25. Mike Russell says:

    Glad this can help you out!

  26. nurvx2 says:

    Finally! I've been looking for this option.. Thanks Mike!

  27. Mike Russell says:

    It certainly is. Amazon S3 and Glacier are very handy indeed!

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