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Adobe Audition with an iPad Control Surface

Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative demos an awesome iPad app that transforms your iPad into a fully functional control surface for Adobe Audition and other DAWs.

38 thoughts on “Adobe Audition with an iPad Control Surface”

  1. Why does it always have to be a Mac can you get this software for normal laptop pc or apple ipad ? Thanks

  2. kipling1957 says:

    This app seems to have disappeared 5 years later. Shame.

  3. Great tutorial – i purchased the app however my ipad does NOT show up on MIDI setup part …grrr – Any ideas as to how i can remedy this situation 🙂 Thanks in advance mate

  4. AC 7 HD does not seem to exist any more. Only thing I can see in store is AC 7 which says is only for ipad 1.

  5. can this be set up with a Windows PC and ipad?

  6. Sz. A says:

    Is it possible to connect a Axiom 49 keyboard into Adobe 6?

  7. James Leahy says:

    Great tutorial! Don't recommend AC7 it when using Windows/AuditionCC and an iPad. Problematic to set up, closes other IP device uses such as other USB ports, etc. the AC7 Core HD website tends not to respond to pre-sales questions, so I would not recommend them for Windows users.
    As another option, you can use Remote desktop for PC and iPad (free for both PC and iPad) and directly control Audition using that instead. This way, you only have 1 step and no translating. Control of Audition is over your own network and not a web-based solution so all is local and quick. We tried this and it worked the first time with no loss of USB ports and devices.
    Works in a live recording setting as well. We closed SSID broadcasting to ensure a closed network.

  8. bvmook says:

    Hi Mike, in windows it is not that simple. I have connect my iPad with the Windows 8 computer using the rtpMIDI driver. Set the AC-7 core HD Setup on Adobe Audition mode and the Control Surface in Audition to Device Class MACKIE. But is Will not work. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?

  9. Bryce Hodge says:

    Do I need to connect both Audition and AC7 Core HD to MIDI Session 1 somehow? I've got the iPad and MacBook Pro connected in Adobe MIDI Setup, I've set AC7 to Adobe Audition Mode, I've set Control Surface Preferences to Mackie within Adobe Audition, I've created a new multi-track session and dropped some music in, and nothing. They're not connected. After watching this video carefully about a dozen times, pausing at each step to check out your settings, I'm still have trouble. I just can't find what I'm missing. There's always a reason. Why isn't this working?

  10. John Taylor says:

    got it..had to click a + and specify "session 1"….it's working!

  11. John Taylor says:

    I bought the app… network sees the ipad in Audio Midi setup….but it doesn't connect in 1 click like yours does.  I need to somehow find out the port number…computer name or network name….been at it for 45 minutes….gotta get work done for customers….maybe another day.  

  12. Is there any reason that you can think of why my Levels aren't being shown as they are for you?

  13. Jay Preston says:

    Yup, I think I'll be getting one

  14. Mike Russell says:

    You certainly can as it's a wi-fi connection 🙂 Thanks!

  15. kevyp says:

    Mike, can I use this for recording? I mean when I go into the VO booth to record can I take my Ipad in and adjust the input level through the AC7 Core HD? I sometimes find that the input will clip as I don't have a screen in my booth and I can't see the screen on my PC from the booth. My DAW is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Great videos 🙂

  16. Mike Russell says:

    Hmm, not sure on this one. It worked for me but many setups can vary.

  17. Hi Mike, thanks for your reply.. I've got my CC now and it still doesn't work. I believe i did everything accordingly but still no luck! Both my mac and ipad are connected to the same network. Does the control surface supposed to appear on Mac just like yours? Well, its not happening on my side.. Please help buddy! Cheers

  18. Mike Russell says:

    Correct – this feature is not in 5.5 – it is in 6 and CC.

  19. i have Adobe Audition 5 and i dont see control surface in the in the preference. will this only work with version 6? Please help Mikey!!

  20. Mike Russell says:

    I've not seen an iPhone app but it is possible with reduced functionality I guess.

  21. iLoveFSX says:

    Oh i see it. There's a mini version for the iPhone

  22. iLoveFSX says:

    Hi. This works with iPhone?

  23. Mike Russell says:

    Thank you Mike for posting the helpful comment on here. CS5.5 didn't support control surfaces but it's great that both CS6 and CC do 🙂

  24. Mike Milo says:

    As far as I can tell this only works with CS6 because in CS 5.5 the Control Surface option is not present. I found it though in CS6! Also if your ipad is greyed out and you can not access it to connect it, you'll most likely find that you don't have a session created in the top window which you can easily do by clicking the plus key… Other than that it worked like a charm! Thanks for the great tip Mike!

  25. Mike Russell says:

    I would try Spreaker for iPad it should do what you need and it has a great interface too!

  26. Hy Mike, great post. I would like to ask you, do you kown any radio software wich i can use for a broadcast live show on my radio and use this app for the same time? Thanks again

  27. Mike Russell says:

    Carlos, thanks for the comment and the amazing idea! I'd love to do something like you suggest or perhaps a live production hangout on G+ at some point.

  28. Mike Russell says:

    It is possible to do it in Windows. You should also be able to connect your iPad as a midi device somehow.

  29. Mike Russell says:

    Thanks for the extra step. I appreciate it!

  30. Great setup tutorial, Thanks, Mike! One step to add is to create a new Session in the My Sessions section of the Midi Network Setup window. I couldn't choose my iPad from the Directory until I did. Thanks again!

  31. Mike Russell says:

    Thanks. It works beautifully doesn't it?

  32. Awesome tutorial Mike. I love that app! Thanks for doing this

  33. Mike Russell says:

    It certainly is fun!

  34. I don't have an iPad but what a great way to remotely control it if I had one.

  35. Mike Russell says:

    It's an iPad Smart Cover direct from Apple. I love it!

  36. Mike Russell says:

    Let me know how you get on if you get it working with Windows.

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