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Adobe Creative Cloud Apps + iPad Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud

Watch and hear what some of the world’s most creative people think about using Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch, Photoshop Fix and other Creative Cloud apps on the new iPad Pro. The iPad Pro brings a whole new reality to doing real work on a tablet. These devices aren’t just for consuming content. The new iPad Pro with Creative Cloud apps is something creative people everywhere can use to do real work. Want to try out Creative Cloud mobile apps? Start here:…

29 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Cloud Apps + iPad Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud”

  1. I really want Adobe draw On iPad two because they having fun and I'm not . The app is awesome just only it alouds iPad two and others…oh please tell me if they working on iPad two…

  2. Naomi marry me now!!! XD XD XD

  3. he he, thank you very much the co- founder and CEO of Adobe i am a young illustrator just coming up but because of this software's I can do every thing in life very easy

  4. EasterlyArt says:

    So…. can I run photoshop CC on an ipad or only a these dinky versions instead? No offense, but I would much rather be using the full power of photoshop on the go. Include a keyboard that has the top bar with F buttons and we'll be golden.

  5. bordab says:

    Animate app please please

  6. can we use after effects and premiere pro in ipad?????

  7. nizamm says:

    OMG! A STYLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. SlopCyst says:

    "It feels like so supernatural" I don't want ghost in my pencil

  9. THUMBS UP if you want Premiere Pro Full version on iPad Pro!

  10. I really need a gift of a pencil Apple and iPad pro 😔💔💔 would you do it ☹

  11. I totally thought they were playing Forgot About Dre for a second

  12. Adobe, I need you to do a full version of all video editing apps for the iPad Pro

  13. Any chance that Adobe will create a Flash App or something to animate with for the iPad Pro ?

  14. Pierre Huot says:

    "Because i'm a mac guy" Jeremy Slagle, you poor soul…

  15. TweegyBlink says:

    This is by far the best review I've seen for this product

  16. BlastMaster says:

    Yeah… I'm sure WACOM is just THRILLED about Adobe's promotion of this. 😀

  17. Intet Mane says:

    How's the music in the background called?

  18. John Cooper says:

    Die hard mac guy here. No one said theyd use it in actual production "better than you thought it would be". "Integrate a little bit more into my workflow" "excited to see IF its another step" "i love the pencin…its so neat" "quick wins" "concept work". Sounds like the ipad Pro is nice, but the actual apps dont look like anyone except Robert Genrette III ("it sped up my workflow a little more…") actually was doing production quality work. The rest looked like clip art. Decidedly innesential looking, If I wanted a tablet for production work I'd spring for a Surface and run actual CC instead.

  19. Andy Miller says:

    I think someone may not have QC'd the audio on this. The VO is hard panned to the right channel and it sounds as if another mic source is coming out of the left.

  20. Brad Tarver says:

    Naomi is a narcissist lol (writes her name)

  21. mikosoft says:

    Don't tell me those people never heard of Surface.

  22. Vem där says:

    Hahahaha its just an standard ipad with a pen and larger screen. Whats wrong with ppl? There are so much better products out there, even for less money

  23. Ruskerdoo says:

    Who holds a pen/pencil/paintbrush like this? Do you have to completely relearn how to hold a tool in order to use this?

  24. TrulyMad says:

    It looks very very odd that all the shots do not have people using palm rejection.

  25. I would very much like to see people use it with their palm on the device. This video is unintentionally (or intentionally) suspect because everyone is keeping their palms off the device; I definitely rest my palms on whatever I'm using, so seeing the palm rejection in action is important to me; and the fact that these "new to the ipad pro" people are choosing to not touch the screen with their palms feels fishy.

  26. asia911 says:

    No real professional artists will use this garbage. They will end up transferring their work to full application if they really want to get some real work done.

  27. ege ozsoy says:

    Adobe, you screwed up at grading at 00:28

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