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Adobe Doubling the Monthly Subscription Price of Photoshop/Lightroom Plan

Adobe has increased the price of their Photography plan that includes Photoshop and Lightroom from $10 a month to $20 a month. This is the bundle that includes Photoshop and Lightroom. It has also been Adobe’s cheapest monthly plan since they moved to the subscription Creative Cloud model several years ago.

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26 thoughts on “Adobe Doubling the Monthly Subscription Price of Photoshop/Lightroom Plan”

  1. Andres Mejia says:

    Does anyone know where I can get the older version but like disk where I could buy it from

  2. Blue says:

    If you lose 50% of your userbase while keeping the same amount of profit, Its just a lose/lose. That's 50% less unpaid promotion Adobe is getting and 100% less Photoshop that 50% of the userbase is getting… 😕

  3. Mikle Allard says:

    Monthly payments should only be for updates. It just feels wrong to learn a program you can't even own. Only services should be payed for monthly. Adobe's software is a product. No one is paid to sit there and make the software functional for you while you use it. The product does not need external server support like something like YouTube would. There is nothing that REALLY justifies the monthly payment system other than greed. Yet creative professionals just accept this? With plenty of other options available? That there is the problem. Not Adobe, just lazy consumers.

  4. MMO Archives says:

    i like their price models to be honest, it sure beats paying $500-$1000 up front, don't see why morons are crying so hard

  5. Joseph zink says:

    I need to use photoshop a few times out of the year so it’s a casual usage. Since switching to subscription based I have no incentive to use it since the price does not justify the product any longer. Basically if your not generating profit from its use you can’t have it. Feels like it went from a wildly used consumer product for all, to only an industry product for few.

  6. Started on PageMaker 1.0 in 1988.
    Now done with Adobe.

  7. rebine says:

    laughs in Cracked version

  8. Lake Stones says:

    Just crack the entire Adobe Suit, and the problem it’s solve lol

  9. Krauser Sama says:

    Sure, I'll still use Adobe! Just let me get my eyepatch…

  10. J J says:

    vud is ok but calling ps or ai an "app" is a bit stupid.

  11. I switched to Affinity Designer and then I never looked back!

  12. procreate here i come.

  13. Some Guy says:

    My University offers every Adobe product to every student for free, even if their major isn't related to art, and most of them don't even know it 😂

  14. monicapttrsn says:

    Adobe products work very well, as I will give them that credit. I appreciate the ingenuity in the design of their software. I think sometimes what happens is a successful business begins to build an empire of infrastructure across the U.S. and other parts of the world, and then they need more money to support that infrastructure. With the McDonalds food business, they were able to expand with success. But when Adobe sets up shop in multi-million dollar buildings and high CEO salaries, then they need money to keep those operations going. What I would do to make my software more affordable is to downsize on the Administrative costs and focus more on the salaries of the teams of Code Writers.

  15. ShadowBoxing says:

    I haven't got into Adobe, and don't know the wonders?, for I am new. I thought I could just buy a one time fee

  16. EDGE SKYWARD says:

    ooh fun another reason to rip it for 0 dollars YEAH!!! XD Adobe is not so smart XD XD XD

  17. minh nguyen says:

    Just switch to affinity it's way better.
    The only reason I still have to use Adobe is becouse in my company
    Are too close minded fcks that are scared to adapt to something better and cheaper.
    I would like to love Adobe but they are become more and more greedy.

  18. MarlowEdits says:

    This is why everyone cracks Adobe products.

  19. Lars Dahl says:

    Adobe has betrayed their users. Rat bastards! Too bad they're the best gig in town. I'm sticking with CS2.

  20. This is the Mexican kidnapper business model.

  21. kipptumor says:

    Ha! Adobe are crooks now! I happen to have four computers laying around with versions of Photoshop and Illustrator still on them – They work great! I can't go online with them as the operating systems aren't supported, BUT – I rarely have to be online to use them. So I have to shuffle a few files around via a flash drive? That will become a very lucrative task given the alternative of being sodomized by Adobe. I suggest all of you do the same if you still have your old jalopies laying around.

  22. Let's see here. Adobe does not have to print CD's, Package them, Ship them to locations all over the world so they are saving millions upon millions. On top of that they raise their subscription so shareholders are licking their chops. And for the end user? You don't own anything in the end. Ho and if you are a casual user you are bound for a full year before you can cancel. Genius marketing plan. Great for shareholders, not customers. I just purchased affinity and am looking forward to learning it and for them to improve upon it with the extra revenue (hopefully) coming from Adobe's disgruntled customers.

  23. $50.00 a month!!! That's $600.00 a year – I've been using Photoshop, Illustrator, lightroom for 7 years. So I would potentially have spent $4,200.00 during those years. I'll never go back to PS. I just got affinity and I truly believe that they'll keep getting better over the years since their competitors is alienating their customer base. PS is not going to get future customers at the same rate as they did in the past (as you pointed out). I really hope that it backfires big time and that Affinity takes over. I don't even know how this can be legal, not owning anything…

  24. That's actually why I'll have to be shying away from Adobe. :/ Too bad for them.

  25. fukadobe the greedy jooos

  26. I don't think I will be going back to Photoshop/Lightroom. I have been looking at Affinity I guess it is the only software out there that can somewhat compete with photoshop.

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