Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Adobe Draw | how to make a cartoon on android!

Adobe Draw | how to make a cartoon on android!

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-app- adobe draw ✨
-brushes- basic taper & basic round

34 thoughts on “Adobe Draw | how to make a cartoon on android!”

  1. z0 says:

    When I try and draw….it is delayed and really slow 🙁 what's wrong?

  2. Cek kartun buatan android aku kak.dijamin kakak pasti suka

  3. horia bnx says:

    can u please tell me which brush do u need to draw a beard

  4. Really hope this will help me fix the hair on my cartoon. . .lol and yeah I think that's it. . .I need to erase the ends and do it like that heheheheh. .

    Did my hair lol didn't look like that but its something orait. . . I just need the hang of the shade and blend. . . .I hope ima nail it🤞💖💗💝

  5. Totolin HD says:

    ould you do the same one but doing lil pump or taly goya please

  6. BizzLion Tv says:

    Battery low pls charge 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Jaeeツ says:

    What size was the brush?

  8. omg lol at first i thought this was carlos valdes and then i realized ur last name is valdez lolll

  9. Mimi Uzzy says:

    Where do u get ur pictures from

  10. Jasmine Hi says:

    I can't find the app, please help me.

  11. Mattybfans says:

    What size of the brush ?

  12. KE MA Art says:

    So now you know our pain

  13. Yony Garcia says:

    Like si crees que debería ser un timelaps

  14. Zoe Simedrea says:

    Omg intro song and the video?Thank u sis❤❤❤

  15. Divine M. says:

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 amazing job omg !

  16. Abd Rahim says:

    I m really curious. Can you or someone tell me if the drawer is using their fingers to draw or stylus?? I really hope someone answer.
    Thank you

  17. MyLifeAsMom says:

    Do i have to outline everything first before i can do the skin color.

  18. I love making cartoons i just wanna find where i can get picts and ppl to let me make them one ( no insta,or facebook) plzz reply Carlos

  19. Kya_Games says:

    I can’t see your recent video

  20. Samone says:

    I need help on holding and pressing (to fill the area)

  21. Sabina says:

    Will you pick a giveaway winner soon?


  23. Do the orange dots only show up on an iphone?

  24. Ngips vlogs says:

    Can you edit my pictueee please? 🙁

  25. Abel says:

    Music de l'intro svp

  26. Nathan MC says:

    Como de llama la app

  27. What do you do if the press hold to add color doesn’t work?

  28. Katie Mercer says:

    Do you use Adobe on a computer or Mobil device??

  29. Brad Mclberg says:

    Can u do a pic for me

  30. x Betrayed x says:

    Can anyone do this for me

  31. Velxynt says:

    Do one with waves

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