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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 & Flash CS5 – My Top 5 Favorite Features

Here are my Top 5 Favorite Features in the New Adobe Creative Suite 5 Dreamweaver and Flash. Of course there are MORE features, but these are a few of my favorites! For more info see and also my podcast at

24 thoughts on “Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 & Flash CS5 – My Top 5 Favorite Features”

  1. Terry White says:

    Download the Dreamweaver CS6 30 day trial and give it a try for a month. Then you'll know if it's right for you.

  2. Hmmm… I am a code kind of guy. I use web development plugins with eclipse as my IDE. Would you recommend switching to dreamweaver for all of my web development needs? One thing that I wish I had with eclipse was support for JS files.

  3. cody grant says:

    Actually sir, I went to college for 4 years specifically in coding and html knowledge and even have a degree. Yet I use dreamweaver! Hmmmm, I wonder why?! Good bye young idiot.

  4. Jaide Render says:

    excelente tutorial..
    dreamweaver cs5 es un herramienta muy potente junto con flash cs5…
    nos da muchas facilidades. especialmente a la hora de probar nuestros proyectos con los distintos navegadores(browser) …

  5. Jaide Render says:

    it`s great!! but i would like understand english.
    i speak spanish and i understand very little…
    anyway thanks.!!!

  6. bob says:

    Hey, is dreamweaver all I need to create websites, and can I make alot of money making websites for small buisnesses?
    I already know a little Java…

  7. it's not useful at all!!!

  8. S.2018 says:

    where is best place to learn dreamweaver website design from start or courses

  9. good video. very useful

  10. @goo6 you would hate adobe muse then js..

  11. Pls. write your site to refer to. Your fast talking forbid me to write down correctly how to reach you.

  12. goo6 says:

    dreamweaver: making websites for fucking lazy people who can't learn to code themselves.

  13. JAC JAC says:

    i used to do this, but then i took an arrow in the knee.

  14. tech rants says:

    I'm never buying Adobe shit again; very abusive company! Time for people to move on!

  15. is cs5 dreamweaver all code

  16. Can someone please redirect me to a place where I can download cool flash files and and buttons for my website? Like the "Home" and "Sections" on this dude's website.

  17. Great video with helpful tips. Most important, there is no annoying noises in voice/ambient sound. Straight instructions without acting-happinness.

  18. ooooooh so i downleade dis program for no reason -.- i tought it was gonna be something that i could be capable of doing ….

  19. Karel Kroupa says:

    I never been user of any CS series flash, so I didnt know about "bones". But! I saw exactly the same thing many years ago on 3D studio MAX presentation. And now you have that very same thing on easy 2D graphic creator! Thats just amazing. 2Ds are back BABY! And rocking hard!

  20. Vaxor0997 says:

    you hawe voice like my grammy

  21. Vaxor0997 says:

    you hawe voice like my granny

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