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Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial – Rollover/Hover Images

How to make rollover images in adobe dreamweaver cs3. This tutorial will teach you a vital and really easy way to create a rollover/hover image. Follow Me: …

44 thoughts on “Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial – Rollover/Hover Images”

  1. Thank you so much you saved me …i need one more help after the Rollover/Hover Images how to animate the image by increasing the size

  2. This dude must be one of the guys that makes those 100000000 "download here" button ads on download sites hahhaa

  3. How to make music play when your mouse hovers over a image?

  4. I got it at last you could of slowed down a bit but thankyou

  5. i got it at last u coulda slowed down a bit but thanks

  6. You save my bitch an little ass !!  tahnk you bro..  

  7. You go FAST!!!…THANK YOU!!!!!!

    One of the worst things is someone who makes a tutorial that drones on for a half-hour to give you 2 minutes worth of information.  There I would be….clicking along the video scroll bar trying to find the next sentence that has a shred of meaning.

    Yours is the best cadence for such a tutorial that I have ever had the pleasure of digesting.  You say and show everything that needs to be said and shown….and not syllable of frame more.

    A respectfully intended message to some comment-ers who intimated that you need to slow down….

    I thought so too initially…but quickly realized how effectively clicking the screen to start and stop after each sentence or concept gives ME (YOU) complete control of the the speed of dissemination…and it is just perfect once you get the hang of it.  

    It's like pouring beer from a tap….ON until it looks like it is going to overflow…..OFF while the foam settles and leaves room for more….the ON again and the cycle repeats.  So much better than filling a mug with the tap set to a slow drip.

    OK….clearly I need to take a lesson from you on brevity…but suffice it to say that your delivery speed allows your presentation to serve as both a tutorial….AND a reference.

    Well Done….BRAVO and Thank you!

  8. Irving Chino says:

    Nice job that was fast!

  9. thank you soooooooo very much. this helped out tons.
    My final portfolio website is due in 2 days. This helped out so much.

  10. thankyouuuuu! this is very helpful ! 🙂

  11. Robson Souza says:

    amazing! thank you very much!

  12. Yeecold says:

    thank you very much!!!!!!

  13. Your absolutely fantastic! Iv only just started using Dreamweaver and in the last hour i already know how to do what i wanted to do which is make a simple website and iv learned so much more.

    Your tutorials are so noob friendly and great. Keep up the amazing work and thank you so much for your videos x

  14. StaticConfig says:

    Liked and Subscribed!

  15. Selzophiztix says:

    Thank you soooooo much! 🙂

  16. ChrisCraftey says:

    Works, but the whole page is clickable? What should I do?

  17. For God sake do a zoom out please

  18. Luccas Fraga says:

    bommmmm n lembrava esse comandoo gracas a vc me recordouu hhuuhuh ;D

  19. coz of u i will pas my class 😀 thank u

  20. gavsmith1980 says:

    people use it, you have to make sure that your site displays properly in all common browsers, they have often subtle, but sometimes drastic differences to how they display the same web page.

  21. SLOW DOWN please…..thank you.

  22. AtlasWing12 says:

    internet explorer?? really?

  23. Spartano2005 says:

    Thank you.
    You have helps a Brazilian Guy.

  24. David F says:

    @jeglider yes please!

  25. Kreemerz says:

    CSS rollovers are much better. The amount of code that Dreamweaver produces for just one rollover image is incredible.

  26. you should zoom out…hard to follow but easy to understand….

  27. mantastrike says:

    Really fast and articulate THANKS!

  28. imonay says:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. It came in pretty handy. I'm using CS5, and doing my final project for my Photoshop class. You saved me! : )

  29. deadpiece111 says:

    thumbs up! dude it is good tut

  30. RealGaming says:

    So amazing very nice good you make,a detailed tutorial On how to use Dreamweaver 😉

  31. how to get that on website

  32. what a breath of fresh air! I wanted to learn how to make a rollover button and you taught me in 2:21 mins. An american tutorial vid would have taken about 10 times as long to explain this. Keep the tutorials coming :0)

  33. Wade C says:

    so you can make the buttons in fireworks

  34. VERY helpful tutorial. Can you make a gazilion more about Dreamweaver?

  35. mazhas08 says:

    very usefull. easier than i thought. 🙂

  36. nignog says:

    Well i use to code rollover effects in javascript. I think that it would be great if you would make a tutorial to do this in notepad, for those who haven't dreamweaver.

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