Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator – Coffee Vintage Logo Design Speedart

Adobe Illustrator – Coffee Vintage Logo Design Speedart

Coffee in this video is Bandrek.

Bandrek is a traditional hot, sweet and spicy beverage native to Sundanese of West Java, Indonesia. The Sundanese people who live in the cool, highlands consume bandrek to warm themselves at night and during cold weather.

inspired design by :
Sergey Kandakov

see portofolio here :

enjoy 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Adobe Illustrator – Coffee Vintage Logo Design Speedart”

  1. SIPRA GHOSH says:

    Thank you very much

  2. какой font текста? благодарю

  3. un magazin de la mine in oras are logo identic cu asta

  4. Cathy Neary says:

    Could you kindly please share the background? Thank you!

  5. Jan Baaz says:

    Kindly make same video slow

  6. nice!!! may we became youtube frnds???

  7. MAYER DUA says:

    and this is not a tutorial vedio , Instructional videos are slow

  8. MAYER DUA says:

    this is very shellow
    cause you start the video very speedly and that's very


  9. Joy paul says:

    Slow motion video give please

  10. Kris Ea says:

    Why are you so fast? We can't follow.

  11. Waist of time. To author: try to learn how to respect your audience and add some human words that explains your work! But now it’s dislike.

  12. Luciano says:

    Guys it is not saying anywhere this is supposed to be a tutorial, stop looking for easy ways.

  13. El diseño está vacan, pero la forma como lo haces es una mierda. Para hacer un tutorial tienes que habrir tu boca y hablar para que se pueda entender lo que haces.

  14. TeuCu Mano says:

    Guys, to know exactly all the processe, just reduce the velocity from the video!

  15. [Sasori] says:

    Con u give me the stencil of this coffee video???? plss

  16. ola boa noite gostaria que vc criasse pra mim uma logo com o tema FABRICA DE DOCES E SALGADOS, E QUANTO FICA?

  17. Good post but not too fast

  18. shohrab71 says:

    I think you do not wish to learn anyone. It can not be a learning process. you are just showing your skill.

  19. too fast make this video is not look as tutorial video

  20. This was so nice. Im new to logo making. Am I allowed to use some variation of this particular logo?

  21. Its so far, is impossible see well…you could to do this a little more slowly

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