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Adobe Illustrator Draw: Flat Illustration Tutorial

Learn how to use Adobe Draw and create a flat illustration using an iPad Pro. Adobe Illustrator Draw is a free app on any iOS device that allows you to create vector illustrations which you can open up inside Illustrator CC, how cool is that?

So whatever you draw inside it, you can later export it and use it on your computer.

In today’s tutorial I’ll share my design process of a flat illustration, this one is part of a series I’m doing and the first theme is reading.

If you want to…

20 thoughts on “Adobe Illustrator Draw: Flat Illustration Tutorial”

  1. It's been a lot of fun drawing a vector illustration on an iPad, let me know what kind of tutorial you'd like to see next! Thank you for watching and don't forget if you'd like to download the illustration for free, the link is in the description!

  2. Nice. Something I was looking out for

  3. Hi, I use adobe draw too. I export it as a flat illustration but when I open he PDF in Illustrator or Sketch on my Mac , it has 1000s of layers. I would like to be able to change the black colour that my illustrations are to another colour but have no idea how to with all the layers. Would you be able to advise please?

  4. Nona Usagi says:

    I just only can use Illustration draw in phone cause my laptop is stolen 😫

  5. Md salman says:

    Love your detailing and skills, I have added every video of your's in my flat design playlist to follow every step.
    One Q for you, I have currently a LENOVO workstation which I use for my graphic designing, could you suggest me any good tab under $ 200 for flat design illustrations and isometric illustrations?

  6. Pidio says:

    Try out "vectornator Pro" a free vector app for ipad Pro!

  7. Angga Gilang says:

    As usual you inspire me thank you

  8. R-Man says:

    I can not. What to do?

  9. Dev Ed says:

    Damn..time to buy an Ipad lol

  10. iPad pro or A graphic design tablet ?

  11. Yannis WS says:

    Just bought a drawing pad, gonna try your workflow 😀 Great video!

  12. Great video as always keep up bro.

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