Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for Fashion Design (beginners): Part 1

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for Fashion Design (beginners): Part 1

In this Illustrator tutorial for fashion design (created just for beginners!), we’ll start from the absolute basics to make sure you are comfortable in the software and know your way around.

This tutorial will give you a quick overview of the Illustrator interface and show you how to draw a button. The essential tools and drawing techniques for fashion designers shown here are fundamental and everything you design in AI will build on this.

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11 thoughts on “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for Fashion Design (beginners): Part 1”

  1. Sew Heidi says:

    😫Illustrator is HARD. I’ll show you how to make a FAST and SIMPLE.

    Stop screaming at your computer and finally get the software to just do what you want 😄.

    🎁Download my free guide:

    ►► You'll get 37 of my BEST free tutorials in one place!

  2. So happy to find another great channel for fashion design on YT. I really want to learn how to do digital fashion flats and get myself comfy with illustrator BUT I'm really intimidated by it. Like I feel really overwhelmed but so many things I have to learn. I'm so happy to find someone who really breaks it down, I hope to learn a lot from you. Thank you so much!

  3. Katt Lee says:

    Ahhh love this! Thank you for this!

  4. carol lina says:

    Hi Heidi, where do i download the adobe illustrator please?

  5. Amevhie Affi says:

    Thank you so much. This really helped me. God bless you . I am so signing up

  6. Kee La says:

    Where can I download your tech pack template?

  7. Maha Munir says:

    Love your channel ❤️

  8. MsChameleon3 says:

    I'm sorry but what software is this?

  9. I am so happy to see this video! I took one AI course in college in 2013, but forgot a lot. I’m really excited to get started again. Thanks

  10. I got a job at a clothing company and i'm doing product development but every single manufacturer has asked me for a tech pack. I'm at starbucks now with a coffee about to go through your entire website. Teachers make the world a better place.

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