Adobe Kills Flash

– In this vblog I talk about the death of Flash and how web designers and developers should make choices based on new trends.

… Look forward and not backwards!

Stefan Mischook

15 thoughts on “Adobe Kills Flash”

  1. Are we going to be locked in into using apps? Is Tim Berner Lee's dream going down?

  2. @dmichaelsimmons Glad you liked it! Feel free to check out our stuff on PHP and our Killersites community forum.

  3. Great video, but I still use classic ASP primarily and it works well and I prefer it to .aspx. I also love PHP.

  4. @emrahatilkan

    I understand your concerns … sometimes you need to take a step back (or two) to move forward. The good thing is that Flash now sets the bar and I think for the HTML 5 CSS 3 world; it has a clear path moving forward, a path that Flash will help define.


  5. @emrahatilkan

    Don't get me wrong – I liked Flash. In fact I was one of the first users of Flash in the world back in the 1990's. At that time it was called Future Splash. Then Macromedia bought it and it was renamed to Flash. That said, I've seen this game unfold before … this has all the telltale signs of a dying technology.

    Yes, HTML 5 and CSS 3 dev may have a lot to be desired, but that will change fast. I'm sure adobe is already working on tools for that.

  6. @emrahatilkan,

    "Misleading information. Adobe kills Flash on mobile BROWSERS."

    Did you listen to the entire video? I point out that by killing the mobile version of Flash, this in effect will lead to the demise of Flash for two reasons:

    1. People are NOT going to want to develop using Flash for the desktop and then HTML 5 CSS 3 for the mobile. They will simply choose the universal format.

    2. Mobile is the future of computing. I think the desktop will become extinct over time – thus Flash.

  7. @kristjanmik




  8. @slagcity,

    If WP7 gains a reasonable user base I will look into it. At this time, Windows on phones is a non issue … it's all about Android and iOS these days.

  9. slagcity says:

    will there be a windows phone 7 part in your future vlogs? i'm a wp7 user for a year now, but I think 80% of the world knows about it

  10. in terms of video quality/style this is your best video yet

    keep this standard up and you will be seen as an professional

  11. @ipodkid4g,

    That may be so but who cares? Nonetheless, we have a lot more Android users out there coming down the pipe than iOS. This is not a qualitative judgment on my part; I think iOS is still a more refined OS at this time. I have iPad 2 and like it a lot.

    … Especially for comic books!


  12. Sagiv Megiv says:

    Insightful and very informative.


  13. @RyanSocratous

    You missed the part about the docking station with a keyboard and larger monitor.



  14. @RyanSocratous

    I am saying that the mobile device gotten to the point where they can act as both.


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