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Adobe Lightroom iPad App – Hands-on

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14 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom iPad App – Hands-on”

  1. steve dental says:

    will you do a video of the new Adobe lightroom cc for ipad optimized for ios 11 ?

  2. hi,
    Can you provide me link to get lightroom 4 for free ,will be really helpful.


  3. your sound is awful—i couldn't even understand what yu were saying!!

  4. its have in appstore

  5. ive been looking into getting a Macbook Pro but if i can edit photos on  an Ipad then maybe thats the cheaper and easier way to go. what do you think?

  6. Dear @Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

    WHAT ABOUT US #Android users?

  7. ArabAirgunTV says:

    question about " photoshop and lightroom plan " with creative cloud.. is it worth it .. or i better buy the apps spreated 🙂 

  8. This is like v 1.0. It will take a while for Adobe to bring this app closer to LR on the desktop/laptop. It runs fast on a mini 2. Also, it only downloads smart previews, not the real raw file. The edits should show up on your main computer and then you can export a real photo.

  9. NickMach007 says:

    I hope they come out with an Android version! That would be sweet. Especially paired with the DSLR controller app. 

  10. MrIgorTV says:

    looks great but i think i'll stick to snapseed 🙂

  11. Kris Goodman says:

    To rotate horizon use your finger outside of the crop box. At least that's worked for me after the bug fix update.

  12. Thanks for the great review as always!

    I was wondering, I'm a mac and ios user, have been using lightroom as part of the creative cloud subscription.  I probably prefer the editing a bit more than aperture, but I'm really taken with the ios iphoto app that comes with new ipads.  Have you used it and how do you think it compares to this new lightroom app?  I'm tempted to make a move as the iphoto/aperture library is baked into the operating system which comes with some pros.  I would still have photoshop for more in depth editing.

    I'm torn as to whether to migrate my photo library back to iphoto or whether to keep on with lightroom!  Any thoughts or suggestions for me?


  13. Ketil Ring says:

    To rotate (straighten) an image, tap outside the crop rectangle, and drag.

  14. Nordy Visser says:

    After 1:22 the sound is only on the left side.. Or is that me?

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