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Adobe Lightroom Is DEAD! Final Version 6.14 – Lightroom Alternatives

Hey there Photo Tribe…

That’s it guys. Adobe Lightroom is no longer being updated. Today’s release of version 6.14 is the end of the road for the standalone version of the software.

In this VLOG I speak about who and how it effects the photographer and provide some alternatives that may interest you!

Thank you so very much for your support.

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29 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom Is DEAD! Final Version 6.14 – Lightroom Alternatives”

  1. JCristina says:

    Hey there Photo Tribe…

    That's it guys. Adobe Lightroom is no longer being updated. Today's release of version 6.14 is the end of the road for the standalone version of the software.

    In this VLOG I speak about who and how it effects the photographer and provide some alternatives that may interest you!

    I want to hear from you! In the comment area below, share with the community what you currently use for your photo editing and provide your RATING of it!

    Link to the Last Lightroom Update Version 6.14 –

  2. Will lightroom 6 still be functional in Windows 10?

  3. Siv Yis Vaj says:

    If you able to sell your image 1 for $100 or more then yea good to subscription but for the rest noobs ain’t so cheap. 🤣

  4. Siv Yis Vaj says:

    Ain’t cheap forever, price going up up up 🤣

  5. Ok . ……. I take it that Lightroom 6.14 is a 32 bit….. and I take it that it cannot be upgraded to 64 bit. Or can it?

  6. Hi Negative Lab Pro LR Plugin what are your suggestions

  7. Brett S. says:

    I only care about Keyword Tagging and Organization, not editing at all. I have photoshop for the occasional edit (which I do very little of)… I have a lot of photos with NESTED KEYWORDS already organized in Lightroom; and need to be able to export and import them to and from the picture files' itself. Does anything begin to compare with Lightroom on that?

  8. I'm not getting new camera in the next 2 3 years.. hopefully other better alternative will surface

  9. VJ S says:

    I'm a beginner, and I use Windows. Any suggestions on which program I should use people?

  10. I wasn't a fan then and I'm still not a fan of subscription software now. Its slow but I convert my files to dng or TIff files. This works for now but eventually will run into road blocks as newer better updates are only available through subscriptions. I can only hope that this promotes some good competition in the future.

  11. Unfortunately almost a year on and Ive got back to Lightroom! Tried the alternatives but still no DAM in any of them! Hopefully as the year goes on there might be news that Luminar or similar will give us an alternative. Most recently tried Capture One and wasn't too bad but still missed the data management of Lightroom. Who knows maybe we'll get something else soon that really takes on Lightroom.

  12. Mojo says:

    adobe are dreaming and so are fools who pay the monthly rental

  13. Better wait a little for special prices and get Capture one. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and around Christmas, Amazon, B&H and many other companies lower their prices on software.

  14. MJE says:

    Fuck you, Adobe! Bye, bye! Your arrogance will be your death. Hey, Google… you listening? Time to make a standalone photo editor.
    Hey, JCristina, I would like to see a video where you spotlight your top three alternatives to Lightroom. Thanks!

  15. says:

    "That would be expensive after a while"!?!? Geee! Even for a hobby is cheap enough. And LR is NOT dead, don't lie the people!

    1/ Aside from updated RAWs and lenses one gets new features every now and then. Thatn means some very lovely new things like dehaze or transform. For professionals they are huge.

    2/ You get to use cloud space and in the CHEAP subscription mode it is even better – one gets the Adobe Photoshop. GIMP is nice as Blender as free is for the 3D world. But when you get to make your money with that – I have no idea how much should you charge to name it EXPENSIVE! $10 a month….. Really? Really?

    3/ Adobe SENSEI! Now Here is a little tip. Google it. This is their AI. It learns from you and from the others, but as a tech it exists for pretty some time. It quite well handles distinguishing different objects in photos. Last PS update even brought selection to a whole new level. Does anyone of your viewers had been explained or introduced to that little magick? DO anyone on youtube actually understands the potential of that tech??? Does any of the one time buy perpetual licenses has any functionality and potential at the moment now?

    So in conclusion: Having two major softwares LR updated every quarter of the year with at least one small functionality enhancement and PS – the industry standard every year with huge updates and improvements for $120/y. That is a hell of a deal!

    If it was Summer 2017 – I would tell you LR sucks due to performance issues. But now they FIXED that. I swear! They did it. There are days I develop 1k images. Crop/Exposure/Color/ even local adj. – everything is smooth and really well going.

    So do I want any other software for this money? For this photography plan – it is a hell of a deal! Have been using CaptureOne for some time – sharper images from RAWs – indeed (don' know now, haven't tested 10 vs LR 7). Still Adobe Lightroom is NEITHER DEAD nor there is any better software.

  16. Luis B. says:

    $120 every year, yes…but you are getting every new update and version change with that. On average, how long does the average user use the stand alone version until they upgrade? Something to consider.

  17. A question for you. So you talked about the other software but which one is close to LR? I don't really want to spend hours learning something totally new so was hoping out of all these there is one that looks or have the same features like LR but something I can purchase. My computer that does images is not connected to the internet for virus reasons. so want something i can install and just work off of it. Thank you in advance for any direction you can guide me.

  18. Craig Larbes says:

    Just like the cell phone companies now making you pay a monthly lease for a new phone. Rather than paying a upfront cost and done with it. Like with cell phones people will pay that monthly fee for Lightroom/Photoshop. I do! 😆

  19. Does this support a canon 5d mark iv?

  20. I'm not a fan of cloud technology in any capacity. I'm sure in certain circumstances it has it's benefits, just not for me. I'm working with an old version of elements that was bundled with my Canon T3i. I'm looking to break away from Photoshop software completely. I have been looking at Afinity as well Corel Paint Shop. I actually started off with JASC Paint Shop long ago, and I do at times miss it. LOL I still have that software, but I don't think it supports RAW. And Afinity, from what I'm hearing is pretty awesome. I could buy both Corel and Afinity for the price of the latest version of elements.

  21. tectorama says:

    I am still using LR6 and will continue to do so, until I change my camera and it will no longer accept my NEF files. I only use LR for editing files, and am not tied in with their workflow and cataloguing process. Those who are, may find it more difficult to migrate to an alternative programme.
    If you use LR for handling files and catalogues, and storing your work, it's like a spiders web. It drags you deeper in to their corporate nest, and makes it difficult to escape paying their blackmail fees. Ok, If you are a professional photographer, the cc version will pay for itself, otherwise, no way jose.
    Hopefully Affinity are working on an alternative, as I believe their photoshop clone works very well.

  22. Great video! Can you go deeper with affinity photo and luminar 2018?

  23. Improver says:

    I really like Capture One for people and some nature scenes. Really sort of lovely output.

    I’ve used DXO — an unpopular choice, I know — to create outstanding, hyper real product photos effortlessly. I’d say the detail DXO can bring out makes it a poor choice for people, unless you dial it down a whole bunch. Even then it can be a pita

    I’ve given my gf Corel Aftershot to use on an i7 Surface Pro. She seems to like it. It includes a cut down version of Perfectly Clear. Excellent choice for amateurs I’d say

  24. Dead as a door nail!! The subscription plan is greed and a wrougt. I'm going over to either Luminar or Capture One.

  25. How do yet get off the LR bandwagon if you will lose all of your adjustments and collections when you switch over a new software? I have 400k images on LR and would have one hell of a time moving over to a stand alone system at this point. Would you export all of your "master files" as a TIFF knowing that all the adjustments made in LR would soon vanish? Or, simply re-post process all your "keepers" with a new software program? That would be painful…certainly if you quit paying the monthly lease fee you won't be able to access your processed files in LR…right?

  26. Hi J, Thanks for the LR news. I used your link for the free upgrade to Aftershot 3 as I have V2 all ready, but that was well over a month ago and so far have heard nothing from Corel.
    Is this promo still available or has Corel pulled the pin on this? Keep the videos coming mate, they're great.

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