Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom Adobe Lightroom tips and tricks – RAW edit and Jpeg export for social media

Adobe Lightroom tips and tricks – RAW edit and Jpeg export for social media

In this video I show you how I edit a RAW image in Lightroom and share some cool tips and tricks.
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29 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom tips and tricks – RAW edit and Jpeg export for social media”

  1. Dave Mersino says:

    After searching and viewing quite a few photography tutorials, I knew I hit the so-called jackpot when I came across your videos. Your detailed explanations are precise, extremely easy to comprehend and understand, plus you know how to keep it simple. I’m definitely a big fan and have already created a journal of quality notes taken from the videos I’ve watched so far.

  2. Terry Lind says:

    Live in England and seeing this video and started to tried shooting in “raw” but just found out that using photo shop costs approx £120 pound per year to use (subscribe in cost per year) which I will not recover, then looking at what came with camera found free editing software so why don’t you use this and why, just trying to understand if paying £120 per year is cost effective if your willing to do video would be appreciated

  3. Erin Oshan says:

    very helpful – but some of the options you were showing were not visible to me…such as the "YY" and when I pressed"/" and "L" it did not present the same shortcuts. Could this be due to a version limit? I did just complete the latest update

  4. How to download lightroom cc on laptop having core i5

  5. Great clip ♥♥♥! As a current YouTuber, I am on the lookout for creative ideas! Good Job!

  6. John G says:

    Hi Paul. I've been hesitant to use Lightroom as I assumed it was too much for me. Your video was great and inspired me to give it a go. Thanks again.

  7. Hi, thank you for your video(s) and for you share your knowledge. I have one question; in my LR I always thinking that the black and the white point must be white in my histogram. But in your video they are not. Is this ok? Do they not always show "white" sign in the histogram? Looking forward your answer, e.

  8. Leonie Lucas says:

    Really helpful presentation, thank you. I have begun to edit RAW images in Lightroom Mobile; anticipating that I will be able to transpose much of these tips to my workflow.

  9. Shaunak Basu says:

    Great Tips, as usual.
    Thanks Paul!

  10. Peter Bunker says:

    Another great video!

  11. Hello Photo Genius! Great video again, love the split-screen of you! Awesome, I too love the shirt. I have a Canon Eos Rebel SL2, and I am now doing cooking videos, feel free to watch and Subscribe as well. I want the studio look, like a professional look. I know it has to do with lighting, and if you see my videos, you'll see that I don't have much room. I want to step away from video shooting in automatic and move on to manual. What do you suggest the best settings, including ISO, should be. When you get a chance please let me know my friend. Again, another magnificent video, and I too want to move on to Adobe myself!

  12. ashray baru says:

    Thank Q sir for filling confidence in us after watching this i could edit my pics in lightroom…In past i was very confused with editing and exporting pics in lightroom…@pixel_logy isy instagram account please give your review and opinion on my pics

  13. You are the best! Thanks for the tutorial

  14. Ooops! Double role/duo..

  15. davinci III says:

    Which version of Lightroom is this?

  16. How to take star trail photo plz explain that, sir

  17. Mr. Miss says:

    As much as I dislike Adobe I still got a version of lightroom lying around 🏴‍☠️

    Just a note for everyone else: If you suddenly, for whatever reason, want to stop the subscription, you'll be billed for the remaining months since you signed up and 12 months forward.
    Very bad business tactic having a year forced down your throat 😣

  18. Russ Clark says:

    Just what i need Paul, thank you.

  19. Dave Macarty says:

    Great video Paul, just what I was needing! Can you also please consider doing another follow-up video on how you sort, organize, store your Lightroom photos? That would be very helpful!

  20. I have the android app of this! 🙂

  21. Nice video but in the cropping area 3:24 you said hit 0 (zero) but you were using the O (oh) key.

  22. goldrace10 says:

    Thanks Paul, I have the older Light Room but you showed me 2 things I did not know about it ! I always enjoy your videos ! Thanks for your time ! From across the pond !

  23. ace kat says:

    Hello Paul! hope you and your family are doing well.Awesome video that you have just uploaded,really helped a lot.Your channel is my go to channel if i have to learn anything regarding photography.You are the best teacher,very easy and clear to understand.A big thank you to you to keep putting in big efforts during this quarantine period.
    I have learned a lot of tips from you regarding snapseed and i love it.
    I would like to learn more about lightroom and this video certainly helped a lot.Do you have any more videos coming up regarding lightroom like local adjustment tools like gradient filter and brush?
    And i have one more question by the way,for instagram you have taught us about resizing the image size,how to resize if we have to put it on facebook,because facebook uploads degraded quality,why??how can we upload in facebook without losing quality.
    Big thank you again and i have told my friends about your channel and they are following your channel too,thanks again

  24. Paul, thanks for the vid. I like the export bit for insta at end, is there much change for doing a horizontal ?

  25. Jin Sensei says:

    Good video for someone that doesnt know any photoshop/ lightroom . But please use a mouse, dont even give any beginner the idea to use the trackpad…

  26. Ragini C says:

    This was a very well explained video tutorial on Lightroom Editing. Thanks for doing it for novices like myself. Stay well.

  27. gary hanes says:

    Great video! I haven't started editing yet myself but I gain some confidence from your very precise, easy to understand tutorials. You are my go to youtube photographer. So helpful, so a big thanks for that and please make more editing stuff!

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