Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom Adobe Lightroom Tutorial: How to Crop Photos Correctly

Adobe Lightroom Tutorial: How to Crop Photos Correctly

This Adobe Lightroom tutorial covers how to correctly crop and rotate photos using the Crop & Straighten Tool. We’ll look at image aspect ratio, free-hand cropping, and the three ways to straighten an image in Lightroom.

This tutorial is a free sample from my self-paced Adobe Lightroom Online Course ( This is just one of 37 videos on this course totaling 4.5 hours of instruction. The course also includes…

7 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom Tutorial: How to Crop Photos Correctly”

  1. Chin Ban says:

    Thanks for the tip bud

  2. Really useful info – thank you! Iā€™m always learning new tips and tricks in Lightroom! šŸ˜Š

  3. mrbeanz63 says:

    Nice, thanks, really helpful!

  4. Mr Dev says:

    I was hoping you might talk about composition using the lightroom crop overlay tool.

  5. sir can u tell us how adobe is register free please

  6. cardiacade says:

    Top stuff. Subbed.

  7. Kim Murphy says:

    Learned some new things from these three videos. Thanks for making them!

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