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Adobe Lightroom VS Photoshop Portrait Editing

When it comes to processing and editing my images I spend 99.9999% of my time in Adobe Lightroom. My style of editing does not call for a lot of extra touching up beyond my original edits. This of course is personal preference but I can tell you that the more Lightroom advances the more it starts to gain key features from Photoshop.

As some of you know I asked my friend Nathaniel from Tutvid to retouch one of my Matisyahu…

50 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom VS Photoshop Portrait Editing”

  1. Your color grade made your model look like he was wearing lipstick.

  2. Gamart V says:

    bla bla bla bla bla -_-

  3. Josh Friesen says:

    I'm not sure if Jared's started doing this yet because I haven't watched his videos in a long time, but I think he needs to start playing around with the HSL panel in Lightroom. He could have fixed all the issues he had with the red lips and the blotchy red skin that kind of makes the guy look like he's sick or on drugs. Just bumping up the luminance on the reds or moving the Hue slider slightly from red to orange. Also a great way to fix unnecessary shadows on the face to brighten it up!

  4. beiko says:

    ooooo that photoshop version looks really good!!

  5. Poderia ter legenda em PT….

  6. Jared, I love your videos, but one thing that really annoyed me about this one (more towards the beginning) was the distracting background. Seeing traffic in the background kinda through me off a bit, but overall, with your knowledge, info and humor, the video was not bad at all. Keep up the good work.

  7. Capture one has much better looking images

  8. WDJ Galvao says:

    This is NOT Photoshop vs Lightroom, This was you vs you friend, that has nothing to do with the title. 

  9. PSDAndre says:

    now his nose is red like yours 😉

  10. Kevin Thomas says:

    Have to say I use @Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for all my edits, sometimes I just can't get my images to pop quite as much as users of photoshop,  but I think shooting raw, and getting things as right as you can in camera means you don't have to spend too much time touching up.

    My images are never going to grace the cover of magazines, but I like them 🙂

  11. Bill Simmons says:

    Jared, you didn't adjust the sharpening. Do you usually leave it at the default capture settings for RAW files? If so, why? Thanks.

  12. KING Hamza says:

    I like his edit Sorry 😀 

  13. PixelBanger says:

    Lightroom is great for powerful overall corrections, but Photoshop has one main advantage in this example, multiple selection tools and channel editing! Jared's version using Lightroom was really good and natural looking, but as he mentioned, the lips became crazy bright magenta/red. Personally, I would have then taken the image to Photoshop and used "color range" or a "quick mask" to select just the lips area and then used selective color or hue/saturation to dial it in. IMO, Lightroom is like an automotive toolbox and Photoshop is like a surgical instrument set…they both have their uses.

  14. OK! Clarity, I'm gonna go with that.. NO!!!!! haha. Love your vids.

  15. For me it all depends on the look you're going for and we cannot forget this, if you're going for a gritty look then Jareds is not the way to go clearly but if you're going for a clean portrait then Jareds is a good starting point.

    I like playing with all sorts of looks personally, each image in my opinion lends itself better to 1 look than another and the main way you get a feel for what is better in that specific image (or image type) is to play a little. 

    For the record, about 80% of my editing is in Lightroom versus 20% in Photoshop. 

    Jareds edit, In my opinion, has way too much red in the lips nose and ears, even after dropping it a little – this something I would tend to adjust in Photoshop until the skin tone is more even, I also feel that there is missing detail in Jareds edit – just above the eyebrows and around the neck you can see there is missing detail – but again, if you're looking for a less gritty look then it works. 

    As far as removing blemishes goes for me, it depends on the type of blemish, I keep moles, freckles, etc, but pimples and other "temporary spots" I remove. 

    As far as Nathaniels edit goes, the reds in the lips, nose and ears aren't such an issue because the vibrance is muted a little overall but it is still a correction I would make, I feel that his image could use a very small amount of grain, the eyes should be a little brighter to stand out a little more and finally I wouldn't have muted the overall colors quite so much. However you do get a gritty feeling as it is and that was the purpose of the tutorial in the first place – how to get the gritty look. 

  16. His photoshop edit is way ott Jared looks much better

  17. His photoshop edit is way ott Jared looks much better

  18. Randy Little says:

    I would just suggest using capture one as acquisition.   I just can't stand LR color controls.   Its exposure slider doesn't even do anything remotely related to exposure.   Its never moves the black for example.   So you can turn it all the way up and you will still have blacks.   When I go +5ev with a camera that isn't what happens.   Anyway Capture one just has so much better color tools.   I wish I could drop c1 because I love LR for assets management.  I just hate it for processing.  

  19. mavfan1 says:

    I'd prefer the lightroom edit if his nose and lips were less red.

  20. Jared, neat little tip you on Lightoom! Hold down the Alt key (or command) then drag the whites/blacks sliders etc. For whites, the screen goes black and highlights show as white and vice versa for blacks.

  21. Love this Jared, you should do more of this stuff much better than the ranty-mc-ranterson raw talk stuff you do! I definitely prefer your minimalist and natural edit over the other one. Nathaniel does have some great methods of manipulating the tonal range, and some very useful tips 🙂 but I think he over-cooked the ham so to speak on the final output. If anything, i'd've concentrated on balancing out the reddish skin tones a bit more in yours though, as Matis looks like he's just been down the pub and wearing plum lipstick. 😛  Good job man!

  22. Trevor Quinn says:

    gotta say we have very similar taste when it comes to editing

  23. kingalias says:

    Jared, why didn't you just WB off his t-shirt?

  24. Can you please do a tutorial on how to connect your DSLR to the computer and capture it live? 🙂 Do you get what I mean hah?

  25. Ahmed Jaber says:

    One has too much happy-color, one doesn't have enough. I'd take your edit, stick Nathaniel's on top of it, and blend them together for a nice middle-ground. Like you said, though, art is subjective.

  26. Alex Blaha says:

    Personally I think Jared final edit is still too saturated, especially in the lips. And in my opinion I think he should have when into the red saturation and turned it down a bit instead of downing the general vibrance. Then again I do like the exposure a little more on Jared's edit, but believe it should have a little more contrast. Great example of different edit's though. Sometimes I edit one image for too long and I have to just take a break because every adjustment I make just starts to look bad. In the end, everyone edit's differently and it should stay that way.

  27. Sahil Nanda says:

    Seeing this video I miss the RAW Edit videos with Adam. I demand that they be brought back 🙂

  28. Ken Arnold says:

    Thank you for both videos Jared! It helps seeing both of your guy's edits to see what is possible and what i prefer in either edit. Keep puttin up some more edit videos, I think any photographer would benefit from it. Don't pay attention to the negative comments, their just haters!

  29. Great video. I love seeing your process for retouching. Many thanks.

  30. Bill Ferris says:

    Before getting Lightroom, I used to do all my post in Elements. Layers were critical to my workflow in that app. Now, I much prefer the workflow using LR's targeted tonal and spectrum adjustments, graduated filter, adjustment brush, radial filter and other tools. Of course, it all starts with a properly exposed RAW original frame. Frankly, since subscribing to the CC, I haven't felt a need to use Photoshop. I'd be interested in hearing from folks who find certain adjustments easier or doable with more control and finesse in PS vs LR.

  31. dbauernf says:

    Good call on the lips, I would have pulled back just THAT color, not whole image vibrance.

  32. dbauernf says:

    7:45 I had to LOL a bit. 🙂

  33. Did this guy ride his motorcycle to the shoot? No matter how you boomify or deboomify, you can still see the marks of his goggles in his face!

  34. Jared Polin says:

    I get to a point where I have to stop reading comments, it's sad because I wan't to answer as many people as possible. 

  35. W_Sindarius says:

    Both are not good. The right picture is awful. Jared's is not flattering. Lightroom is too blunt a tool for a one-stop quick fix, anyway. The "before" shot was better than either, if flat.

  36. Both done a great job, I prefer Nathaniel's personally. Love this concept of you both working on the same image and would love to see more stuff like this!

  37. Sam says:

    His lips and nose are still too red IMO

  38. Jazz Savage says:

    I love both edits as they both present a different feel – Jared's being more naturalistic, Nathaniel's being more gritty. I do feel Nathaniel's is a bit overdone with the grit (as mentioned before, it does look similar to an Instagram-like filter), but I do feel that Jared's is a little too vibrant (it looked better on the model's lips during his interruption, but his skin looked a little deadened. Oh, the blue is casting on his hair too).

  39. The left looks like a HS Senior photo, the right looks like a GQ cover photo. Neither is right or wrong.

  40. BossDao says:

    Unedited is better then your retouches folks.
    Stop killing shadows and overcontrast moves, it looks like 50$ camera shot with light setup.

  41. Artur says:

    Why have you sold the D4S? Just curious. thanks.

  42. Dog Rox says:

    Oh no comparison. Yours is far better and you did it in less than half the time that he did his. He just kept doing things that wasn't necessary and changing back by doing something else over top of it. Over and over and over again! The results of your final touch up is far superior and less time. Love it keep up the good work dude 🙂

  43. Denys Sene says:

    It's ok to compare the final result, but LR vs PS I think is a dumb comparison. Lightroom is basically a subset of functionalities from Photoshop with another workflow philosophy. Also, we can see that the guy in Photoshop made some choices for his taste, and that's because photography as an art, is very subjective. For a long time I just used Photoshop, but now I feel that Lightroom is enough and much simpler for most of my needs.

  44. Mathias says:

    Is it me or does the guy in the photo have a really weird face? To me it looks like his face is seperate from the rest of his head! Like it is just floating in front of his head?
    When I look at him I see his face and then the rest of the head in the background, completely seperate from the head! It's SO weird!

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