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Here is a quick tip on how to disable documents from opening in separate tabs in Adobe Photoshop. Skip to 1:00 in the timeline to jump right to the tip. When you open up a document in Adobe Photoshop by default the images will all open in their own tab. I find this quite annoying and if you are here you probably do too.

13 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop Tip – Document Tabs Disable

  1. Harn Lover says:

    Thank you so much. It's solved my problem. Thanks.

  2. Trenton C says:

    As much as I try it on cs4, it still keeps opening in tabs. Maybe it's a bug in this version but very annoying having them in tabs. If there is another setting that would work, please let me know. Thanks.

  3. gwidwock says:

    Thank You. This was driving me f*** nuts. Tabs SUCK. Now I'm back to old school. Thank you Went from CS3 to CS6

  4. Raindy says:

    Me being Dum Dum in 2020

  5. Ok egg on my face its under workspace! And I can turn off this dock and autodock and That restores some faith in Adobe

  6. Im looking at 25th year addition of Photoshop an the option to get rid of tabs is removed. I am constantly pulling my windows out of the tabs and making them so I can see them and they are constantly going back. Like my snotty sister wrote the program ! – I started Photoshop 2.5 when it was on the 3.5" plastic disks. It just annoys me to no end when my documents keep doing things ! LIke when I crop it goes all over the place. Apparently a controlling person with a narcissistic personality disorder lied her/his way to the top and showed everyone who was boss and made the programmers do something they did not want to do JUST TO SHOW THEY WERE IN CONTROL> that how it always happens. – Unless someone can tell me why its better to NOT be able to easily put my docs where I want them I will believe this.~

  7. Jawn Dough says:

    How do I get each window to stop taking up space on my Taskbar now? I've got 9 images open and even on a widescreen monitor that takes up MAJOR real estate on my taskbar!

    I personally cannot STAND putting taskbar items into groups. I don't even like taskbar items being simple pictures (I like being able to read what the document I have open is from the taskbar instead of looking at a picture).

    How can I get Photoshop (I'm using CS6 and Windows 7) to stop putting everything on my taskbar after I disable tabs in Photoshop?

  8. ICYxASSASSiN says:

    Im here for the opposite! I hate the windows because I never have enough space! Thanks for the help!

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