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Adobe Premiere Rush CC Title Tutorial

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11 thoughts on “Adobe Premiere Rush CC Title Tutorial”

  1. Thanks for the video. How do you add or remove elements in the title?

  2. Does this program add closed caption or subtitles automatically in recorded videos? Tkx

  3. Great tutorial helped me a lot!

  4. wearekasule says:

    you can only add 4 layers ?

  5. How to activate other languages on this app

  6. Can you also explain the IOS version of adding titles? Particularly opening credits (over black, NOT over video). Thanks.

  7. Audrey Smith says:

    I want to know if there's a hack on adding a logo. That's the one thing that's missing (well– that and a simple green screen effect).

  8. Is it required to upgrade to monthly $10 subscription to use "Titles"?

  9. Ethan Farr says:

    Hi! I use Premier Rush CC and I am having a problem where whenever I split a clip, mute a clip, etc. Rush freezes and I have to completely restart the application. Can you help me out?

  10. Sakari says:

    Thanks for the video. Can you create a video on adding a logo to the title sequence as well?

  11. Code Deb says:

    I’m working on Mobile and trying to “drag out” the length of my title. I did it once but can’t get it to work now. Not sure how I got it the first time

    Also how do you access the option to change the text content? Again, did it before but now can’t get there…

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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