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Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge – Swipe Gesture

Challenge: Design the interface for a smart mirror located within a bathroom or closet. Use CC Libraries and drag gestures to allow your users to swipe and select various outfits.
Get the starter file here:

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6 thoughts on “Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge – Swipe Gesture”

  1. baby elie says:

    What about the swipe up part to change colors? I really want to know how you did the swipe up 🙁

  2. Thanx Andrea…learnt a lot.

  3. Takes 20 minutes to design and months to code this.

  4. Thanx Andrea…learnt a lot. I'll be extremely grateful if you can please make a full video tutorial including the aftereffects part as well. Thanx.

  5. So interesting idea to be more creative!

  6. This is such a cool idea to get people more familiar with XD's functions!

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