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Adobe XD – Dashboard Interface Design Speedart

Fundraising Dashboard Design

22 thoughts on “Adobe XD – Dashboard Interface Design Speedart”

  1. Victor Etim says:

    Nice design but you're too fast

  2. It can be saved to html?

  3. How to design this kind of interface using gui modules in matlab

  4. A S says:

    How do you finish this, so it's connected to actual live data? How do you do that?? Would that require coding? Can you connect it to Excel?

  5. Junaid Khan says:

    3:52 makes me cringe as a designer.

  6. Utsav Sheth says:

    Which music do you use

  7. J. D. DEV. says:

    bonitinho…agora faz funcionar.

  8. Kris Ea says:

    How to interface this dashboard in ?

  9. Nihal Farooq says:

    Where can i find that colour sheet you had up top?

  10. how to animate the top menu stripe so it can follow us down while scrolling down the page ? is that possible in XD ?

  11. Vatsal Shah says:

    How did you make that circular graph with the color gradient?

  12. Silfiderium says:

    lmao it normally take me an entire day to design a dashboard, and you did it in such a short time, that's impressive XD

  13. amar zaidi says:

    i have no idea about adobe xd, and i want to know if is possible to convert this to a visual studio windowsform or xaml ? be easly with me

  14. how do i add php script to my dashboard template after designing?

  15. is it web page or software or android application

  16. R R says:

    Thank you , good one. Is there other videos on the same prototype creation ?

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