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Adobe's Dreamweaver CS5.5

Adobe helped spark the desktop publishing revolution in the mid 1980s with its PostScript page description language used in Apple LaserWriter printers. Today, publishing is vastly different than it was 25 years ago, as consumers are accessing content in more ways than ever, and Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS5 team is hard at work creating the tools that allow developers to work in this new environment.

“You kind of have to be under a really big rock to have not noticed the change in devices…

6 thoughts on “Adobe's Dreamweaver CS5.5”

  1. rjcream says:

    this guy is the man! check out his cs5.5 walkthroughs on Adobe TV

  2. haremzlover says:

    With all the products Adobe has, they couldn't make a better intro?

  3. Miss Mess says:

    Scott rocks! Does he have a channel on Youtube?

  4. Dailybabble says:

    @guuso123 No shit dumb-ass, why the hell was he advertising it? Anyway just go to TPB for free Dreamweavers don't trust anyone but TPB or Demonoid if you got invites.

  5. Alex de Soto says:

    If only the upgrade was cheaper!

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