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ALAN BECKER – Freeware Alternatives to Adobe Flash

Synfig Studio:
Wick Editor:
Tupi 2D Magic:
Animation Desk:
iMotion HD:
Pivot Animator:
Vectorian Giotto:
Rough Animator:…

37 thoughts on “ALAN BECKER – Freeware Alternatives to Adobe Flash”

    Rough Animator:
    Pencil 2D:
    ALSO looks like you can get Flash MX2004 legally by following this tutorial:
    You guys should be the ones teaching me about free alternatives, honestly

  2. Zhao Xiaohua says:

    that is meet:3catliytacopopnice:3 that is FanArt Countryhumans ivyFanArtbunny vs cake (=animecakeAlooz=) (Games) that in pinteret

    :3 Zhao Xiaohua

  3. Where is OpenToonz on this list?!?!

  4. Cookie says:

    fun fact: sticknodes is just as good as pivot, but you can do squash and stretch by pressing the "strechy" option when selecting the node

  5. ALAN HOW DARE YOU, I GOT VIRUSES FROM THE PIVOT 🙁 (it wasn't a virus or malware, it was a Trojan horse, a application that comes with other junk, BUT STILL YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME)

  6. want to get flash legally if needed…
    reply down….

  7. i got the flash animate premiere pro photoshop for free… i dont know how did i get my computer glitched and got it….

  8. Oc Boi says:

    Few things that you may not noticed about Pivot Animator, it has some hidden features that not many people know. ( it has the 2020 update now, smoother and lighter )

    > exaggerating feature, mainly know for it's purpose in editor or figure maker to modify the length of a line, yet you can also use this feature while animating. Hold the Ctrl button while moving a specific spot

    > quick next frame button by clicking space bar

    > extra onion layer feature ( it can also have both the before and after onion layer and more than a single slice )

  9. jamyboi y says:

    Alan why did you chose pivot over stick nodes (ik its in the also great options) as stick nodes when this came out had alot more recent update and it doesnt look like ms paint and youcan download stickfigures from sticknodes website instead of your own as it seems hard to creat good ones so id prefer sticknodes and you have segment tools in sticknodes and tweening

  10. KBZ Playz says:



  11. Milan Tom says:

    sticknodes is the best, kinemaster is a editor much called to me as the best app ever for animating and editing, but……kinemaster has glitches, and sticknodes animations cannot be exported as mp4, to do that PAY. You can export at third party websites. Pivot animator, sticknodes is an aternative to it. Kinemaster is the best, but something annoying is the'' made with kinemaster sign.'' Kinemaster supports keyframe, picture by picture animation too, music also, stickers too. Sticknodes have a sign.

  12. I want rough animator but I don’t have money :c I’m just a child’s and my mom would never let me get paid apps

  13. Minjun Nah says:

    one day, I will use adobe flash….

    *this video

  14. thanks for the information I love animating

  15. I use pivot animator in my school

  16. cooooooooooooollllllllllllleeeeeeeeeee

  17. Thank you friend this really helps me for choosing my animation app.

  18. hey Alan you should make a pink one that is a girl that has a vet jacket and a blue one like sc and he has virabots delete things

  19. SkippyTrx says:

    to use…………….legally


  20. i used pencil 2d in school which was amazing and simple but if you dont have a real computer or a mac book like me flipaclip is a good app available for android and i dont know about ios there is the option to spend five dollars for some extra features but they arent needed exept for onion tweeks which only costs a dollar

  21. Anas Osama says:

    but synfing is not for free

  22. I tried to download pivot and it is a virus (Trojan)

  23. Jon says:

    And now we have blender 2.8 grease pencil which makes people that paid for adobe animate a bunch of suckers.

  24. Mr.Animation says:


  25. Joey Joey says:

    How do u turn on onion skin tho

  26. Aria K says:

    when I click download pivot it says download could be dangerous, what does that mean?

  27. super dzack says:

    Mobile: man i want pivot animator but its on pc
    Me: stick nodes is basicaly the same but it can be downloaded on mobile

  28. One more please. BLENDER

  29. cibu fam says:

    umm you can chaneg the size of points by clicking ctrl in pivot animator

  30. Pivot007 says:

    I make animations in pivot animator.

  31. i downloaded pivot animator and my virus protection service went off instantly

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