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Audacity VS Adobe Audition

in this video i discuss weather or not you need to spend a preetyy penny for adobe Audition or not
spent time in this video i also threw in filmora 9″‘s audio recording feature,cuz why not SON
audasity you can get for free=
you can get Adobe Audition for free on=

5 thoughts on “Audacity VS Adobe Audition”

  1. Help meh get to 50 subs..
    dis time lets hope it wont get copyrighted..

  2. Meleeman says:

    i like audition myself. but you should increase that impedance up closer to zero. I had to plugin my headphones to hear you. i've been using audacity for awhile, mastering in audacity is a bit more difficult and i've found that audition was more fully featured and easy to use, however I having limited computer power audacity did a fine job. most of my stuff was done in audacity. garage band does better than both while being simpler to use, though doing bit fiddling is easier in audition and audacity. you are by no means a pro, or I highly doubt you are. and i think you could spend a lot more time with audacity and discover how to do things in audition, I agree that audition is easier to do, and that spectral anaylsis is pretty dank. although I found you can do the same thing in audacity it just doesn't look as cool as Audition.

  3. Bro I got u too 50 subs cause I subbed where mah trophy? just kidding bruv congrats tho!!!

  4. Tabahi haris says:

    Congrats you got 50 subs😍😍😍

  5. for some reason i dont use a single adobe product and i dont want to

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