Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition Audio Editing Hacks for Podcasters : Webinar (5 of 6)

Audio Editing Hacks for Podcasters : Webinar (5 of 6)

Adobe Audition Advanced Editing Techniques was originally a Podcast Mastermind Webinar with Mike Russell & Cliff Ravenscraft on 30 March 2013

SESSION 5 – Audio Editing Hacks for Podcasters

Creating templates to improve your podcast production workflow.
Looping a non-stop music bed that goes on forever!
Colour coding and grouping waves.
Locking waves in time.
Creating bus groups (to keep all voices on one track and music on another for…

10 thoughts on “Audio Editing Hacks for Podcasters : Webinar (5 of 6)”

  1. Amazing and awesome tutorial.

  2. how segmention speech in this program?

  3. Hi mike, I am waiting how to fit screencast with adobe audition.

  4. Dennis Velco says:

    I just want to tell you how beneficial your videos have been to me.  6 hours in one day and I'm already producing my own first Voice Over Demo with expertise.  It sounds like a real professional with years of training did it and I'm only half way done.  When done I'll share it with you.  THANK YOU for what you do.  I serve my own / another community 100% voluntarily and I know it's a labor of love.  Thank you for your passion and your open generosity.  I would not be as proficient in Audition right now if not for your giving. 

  5. Mike Russell says:

    You're most welcome!

  6. Mike Russell says:

    Thanks for watching 🙂

  7. Mike Russell says:

    It's my pleasure – enjoy!

  8. Pamulean says:

    Thanks, useful info!

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