Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition Auto tune (EFX) for "Adobe audition" CS-5 [windows 7]

Auto tune (EFX) for "Adobe audition" CS-5 [windows 7]

How To install AutoTune on windows 7, using Adobe Audition.

Go to your “Auto tune EFX” folder
Copy the “Auto-Tune EFX.dll” to “AT EFX” folder

5 thoughts on “Auto tune (EFX) for "Adobe audition" CS-5 [windows 7]”

  1. Mitnichten says:

    ah okay, just let me put that .dll that i don't have in that folder…idiot

  2. Khan Sharief says:

    Hey bro, where did you got that folder? please provide link for download.

  3. This helped me and I appreciated the lack of words. Usually when people make these videos they put no effort into 1. speaking slowly or 2. speaking like they give a shit about what they're saying.    I'd rather just have a video like this. 

  4. no pusistes la deskarga ;l

  5. Gonza xtreme says:

    Gracias bro me Sirvio Muchoo Deveras Muchas muchas gracias

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