Adobe Tutorials Adobe Dreamweaver Beginner Dreamweaver Lesson CS6 – Editing an Existing Site

Beginner Dreamweaver Lesson CS6 – Editing an Existing Site

A quick lesson in Adobe Dreamweaver for people who have never used the program before. This is a tutorial to help my sister-in-law begin to edit a fishing club website, but may have some useful tips for anyone who is new to website editing with Dreamweaver
Here’s a link to a webpage where I list all my Dreamweaver Tutorials:
Here’s another series of tutorials I’ve done with Dreamweaver CC
Part 1:

25 thoughts on “Beginner Dreamweaver Lesson CS6 – Editing an Existing Site”

  1. Most helpful vid. Cheers

  2. Rick Vulcan says:

    Great explanation, Thanks.

  3. Casey Aurin says:

    Hi, I've downloaded a dreamweaver template online, and would like to edit it as my own.. however, can anyone direct me to a video like that? Or do i need to sort out a server please, help. I'M Just trying to graduate……

  4. Thanks a lot for your video!
    I have a question: what id and password I need to enter of when I'm opening server in saving a site? Is it server's info?

  5. YES ! Thank you very much, excellent and simple.

  6. Caio One007 says:

    thank you a lot. very good.

  7. Star Bright says:

    How can I replace a video?

  8. Tom Elliott says:

    Thanks Tony…. Invaluable info for the beginner like me.

  9. Jane Miller says:

    What a help! I haven't used Dreamweaver for six years and your tutorials are helping bring it all back. Thank you!

  10. thank u for your explain on youtube
    i am trying to edit at flash template and when i change any thing it appear on dream waver only
    nothing change on my browser
    can u help pleas

  11. Kath Harding says:

    Hi ther following your instructions but get "This site can’t be reached
    misc’s server DNS address could not be found."What do I do?

  12. Marko Djukic says:

    Man you did this video great and with great video quality with a camera.

  13. I have watched a lot of tutorials over the years (thousands) this has got to be the best by far thank you for an outstanding tutorial. Concise and straight to the point.

  14. saleem faeq says:

    very good >>> thanks

  15. Steves Beez says:

    Great video thanks for sharing

  16. Betty Miller says:

    I should have come to your tut to help me when i first made my webpage because i didnt know what i was doing. I have a few problems one is as I was downloading my remote folder it gives me a box that askes something about a copy and not knowing what to do I press "yes to all" in the bottom left hand corner. ok now when I went to open my local folder i have many index pages how do i know which one is good. I really messed up. How do I start over?

  17. agus fredy says:

    Very helpful!!!!!! Thank you :)

  18. I made a change to my index.html home page and it showed up correctly when I opened my web page, but as soon as I clicked on anything on the website and went back to the home page, the change is not there.  What am I doing wrong?

  19. Kat says:

    Very helpful!!!!!! Thank you 🙂

  20. JuanyJuanes says:

    super helpful, thank you

  21. Thom Uemoto says:

    awesome – thank you! Like Tiffany H below, I was stumped (as was my hosting company's tech support) as to why my website wouldn't update after I executed the  'Put'. I've never had that problem before. Tried the ctrl+f5 as you suggested and it worked!….continued on with your tut and enjoyed it/your style of teaching – Thx again!

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