Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Best Practices for Drawing Fashion Flats in Adobe Illustrator

Best Practices for Drawing Fashion Flats in Adobe Illustrator

Get my free proven Illustrator shortcuts + exclusive fashion design templates to cut your design time in half:


Learn how to use the Pen Tool to draw fashion flats:

Using a t-shirt illustration as an example, I’ll go through some of the best practices I utilize when drawing fashion illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial was inspired when I grabbed the free t-shirt template in the…

12 thoughts on “Best Practices for Drawing Fashion Flats in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Sew Heidi says:

    😫Illustrator is HARD. I’ll show you how to make a FAST and SIMPLE.

    Stop screaming at your computer and finally get the software to just do what you want 😄.

    🎁Download my free guide:

    ►► You'll get 37 of my BEST free tutorials in one place!

  2. BeepBop Boop says:

    This video is so funny. They should have asked you to provide the template lol.

  3. I hang my head in shame, guilty of all the things you said were wrong. I am so grateful for this tutorial. Thank you for showing me the correct and efficient way to do this!!

  4. Sue TP says:

    i learn so much from your tutorials!

  5. thankyou for your clear instructions. fantastic.

  6. Ella Marie says:

    yes you are right…in a proper fashion studio, ETC NOBODY would do this. These things have to be done really professionally so that a designer can toggle between Illustrator and photoshop. YOU are so RIGHT…thanks for looking into this for us. Real fashion demands accuracy so that everyone can work together. I'm trying to get into Sweater design. I make them by hand but like to work out my ideas on Illustrator and Photoshop….and it works amazingly. I know there are also TRUE AND SPECIALIZED programs that specifically deal with the design of sweaters. Im not sure if you'd know of any kind of programs or could recommend something.

    Ive done research online and there are so many, some look mickey mouse, I'm not sure….I wouldn't want to download a program and get scammed and viruses. Some of these programs are in the $hundreds and thousands of dollars, because they are industry related. I know H&M has them and all the huge fashion companies have them. I don't know what they are called exactly.

    For now i will stick with these programs, because the other programs are to make the designs then to send all the patterns for Machine Knitting. They are linked, so therefor are very very different than for hand knitting. they are incredible programms…just amazing.

    One day i would like to manufacture sweaters etc, but for now, i start small.

    thank you so very much. I have subscribed to your channel, you have such valuable information. Wish you a great day.

  7. Firstly, thanks for all the Illustrator tutorials, I feel that I was skilled in my uni days, and yet the program has come leaps and bounds, which I have not found time to catch up on in my working days. These are really straight forwards and helpful.

    I have tried doing my ribbing as per suggested in the past, but I always get an overlap at the edge where the dashed line does not sit cleanly inside my neckband edge angle, it can be see on the wearers right neck on your demo. Is there a neat way to avoid this? Thanks!

  8. I placed the stitches in my Brush panel but when i open a new document i don't see the new pattern brushes i made. I don't see the stitches i just created when i open a new document. How do i save them to where i can see my created brushes and symbols each time?

  9. wonderful- as always! thanks.

  10. Shae says:

    Thanks for sharing! This is definitely easier indeed.

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