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Build Responsive Websites in Dreamweaver CC | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to use the responsive web design capabilities to build websites — from scratch, or from starter Bootstrap templates — that adapt to various screen sizes so your content renders gracefully. Download sample files here:



11 thoughts on “Build Responsive Websites in Dreamweaver CC | Adobe Creative Cloud”

  1. Tamer says:

    What tuna can was used to record this?

  2. Thought everyone was just being harsh – but wow, yeah, hurts to listen to this tutorial – good info however.

  3. Hi…I have two question. How does Dreamweaver rate when compared to Google Web Designer which is free? Also, is it possible to create dynamic websites in Dreamweaver? I would appreciate a good reply with no jargon. Thanks

  4. I don't mind the voice. Thank you for this helpful information. I LOVE DreamWeaver!

  5. Kristan Schaal does tutorials

  6. Is anyone doing like this nowadays when a site will be built? Seems oldfashioned to me. Ask the big mediasites how they do. I don´t think they have time to work like this.

  7. diregremo says:

    Use an audio compressor, so your voice doesn't peak and overload.

  8. Ahmed Khatib says:

    Aaarggh.. That voice!

  9. BlkJ19 says:

    you could also code the css to responsive.

  10. Jason JA says:

    Bootstrap? some of the design I've made would be a pain for the code team to recreate with bootstrap… were using flexbox plus media queries. side note working with key-frame animations is a pain in Dreamweaver

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