Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Cartoon tutorial for beginners on adobe draw!

Cartoon tutorial for beginners on adobe draw!

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-app- adobe draw ✨
Brushes – basic taper brush & basic round !

37 thoughts on “Cartoon tutorial for beginners on adobe draw!”

  1. Dynamazing says:

    How do I switch to the view where it shows what I've outlined?

  2. He makes such perfect strokes🤩

  3. ITSKBBY X says:

    How do you record your screen? Is it a time laps in the app?

  4. Hey all, I do outlines on my insta if you would like to check it out it would mean a ton 💕 ( @bilxoutlines ) Bless you all and stay safe in this crazy time.

  5. Nicole Lando says:

    Can you do a cartoon for me of my face? and by the way that is amazing I cant even do it well I tried

  6. I shaded over it and I can’t erase it because I left the drawing?!

  7. This video is only for ios user maybe
    Because i don't so many option on Android like in this video

  8. debs shraff says:

    No proper guidelines . Flexing skills is just not tutorials


  10. This is wonderful. Thanks a lot for this good work. I was able to make my mother happy. 🙂

  11. Sophia Paray says:

    how come my brush size only goes to 0.8???

  12. Redxchur says:

    Hey an advertiser on tik tok (GeniusArt cutout) is claiming your art as theirs and claiming their app creates this are

  13. Crystal Khan says:

    This put me to sleep thank you

  14. Isn't this tracing???????????

  15. What stylus pen are u using?

  16. Please tell me Carlos how did u do the beauty guru intro

  17. fx_ iaaan says:

    whats the app callledss

  18. He/she keeps adding layers now I'm lost

  19. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  20. Zavi ASMR says:

    Do I need to pay for this app ?

  21. シSofia says:

    omgg🤩 can you make me one i have literally no talent at all so i can’t do this but wow😳🤩

  22. Rose Reid says:

    Looking to grow my channel @dyanmic duo gaming team

  23. Ari Noel says:

    I have a few questions id like you to answer for me.
    1. Why are u putting different parts of the portrait on different layers ?
    2. Can you please explain how is it that you're erasing the when you added the black color to the eyes but the outlines of the eyes weren't erased ( i know it has to deal with the layers) but its confusing.
    3. I know that to do that drawing is hard because i do drawing of my own but i would have loved for a voice over.

    Lastly would it be too much to ask for a more detailed video in terms of the features the app has and tricks to make the drawing look more realistic.

    Since i got all my requests stated id like to say youre talented and i loved the video. I hope on your next video you improve the video so people wouldnt be lost in the tutorial. Thanks alot for the video tho ❤❤❤❤

  24. where do you get these photos from

  25. Ammar White says:

    How did you get it to be a circle

  26. Wow awesome Video my Guy ilove it
    You got my SUBSCRIBE

  27. I think somebody used your drawings for an ad on ‘cartoon yourself’ They seemed really familiar. If you’re old enough go check it out or something and report it unless you have them permission for it

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