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Color Grading SLOG-2 | Adobe Premiere | Sony a7iii

In this video, we’re going over how I color-graded a short travel film I shot on the Sony A7iii. We’ll go over my Premiere workflow and I’ve included some test footage you can follow along with here…

* I ask that you only use this footage for practicing purposes and do not upload or claim it as your own.
These are the LUT’s used in this video. The Sony ones are free, but…

13 thoughts on “Color Grading SLOG-2 | Adobe Premiere | Sony a7iii”

  1. Suthar sager says:

    Hi sir …
    What to s loge 2 settings in your cemera ?

  2. Great video again! I'm using Slog2 (with the Sony Slog2 Conversion LUT), Cine4 and D-Cinelike (Mavic Air) on my timeline. How do I get the colors accurate, like your tutorial? Best

  3. Luca Budgen says:

    Such a great video! I recently purchased an A7iii camera myself and I'm still not sure what picture profile to use. S-Log2 looks wonderful in your video, but aren't you worried you might get bad image quality because of the A7iii being an 8 bit camera? I've read a lot about people that are using HLG3 because it's better for 8 bit cameras. What's your opinion on this topic? I just want to know if I should use S-log or HLG on my trip to austria πŸ™‚

  4. Curt Harriz says:

    I shot slog2 as well. However I’m noticing that your detail straight out camera is higher than mine. Can you list each of your settings?

  5. Hi, please tell me in which color profile you had the room set

  6. FEYDAN says:

    Really helpful video, everyday I am getting closer to being more comfortable with SLOG2, thank you for sharing

  7. Donghui Shin says:

    better than any other grading tutorial! i wish you could give us slog3 full process!! thank you so much

  8. khongphearum says:

    Hahaha I watched that short film and wishing for the tutorial. Now I got it

  9. Thanks for sharing. Your footage looks absolutely amazing! I almost find it hard to believe that this is a7III footage. Everytime I use Slog2 on my a7III is ends up looking like garbage. I would love to see your video on how to expose for Slog2.

  10. LE GRAND JD says:

    A video : how make a good settings when we shoot on LOG, it would be amazing!

  11. AM I DREAMING??? Thanks bro!!! Needed this!! I am one of those people that would love to see how to expose Slog2 Thanks!

  12. Min Woo Park says:

    +1 for the exposing / shooting in slog 2 video. Thanks for recommending the film riot luts btw.

  13. Miguel Berns says:

    This is so nice. Thanks for sharing tim

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