Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Create a color wheel in Adobe Illustrator.

Create a color wheel in Adobe Illustrator.

Whip up a color wheel using the Polar grid tool. Fill each section with color using the HSB color slider and find a cool reason why I use HSB… it is already defined as a circle so selecting color is a snap. Edit the final color wheels using the Recolor Artwork feature to change the saturation and brightness and making color wheels become super easy, not mention… even fun!

5 thoughts on “Create a color wheel in Adobe Illustrator.”

  1. FRO art says:

    Thank you. This is very helpful. I have a problem though. The HSB has changed when I go back to check the color. Do you know how can I make the color fixed?

  2. Andrea Kalli says:

    This is soooo helpful and easy! Thank you.

  3. Super easy to follow! Helps a lot. You just earned a sub.

  4. Odin Amador says:

    How does this not have a million views

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