Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Creating Something Dope in Adobe illustrator Draw

Creating Something Dope in Adobe illustrator Draw

For Art related Work message me on instagram – vect.jatin
Instagram link –

Application – adobe illustrator draw / link – (android)

Created on android (Samsung Galaxy Note – 5) with S-Pen
This is a paid artwork for Customer
created on 3600×3600 resolution canvas in Adobe illustrator Draw
Hip Hop Rap Instrumental (Crying Over…

21 thoughts on “Creating Something Dope in Adobe illustrator Draw”

  1. Jatin says:

    Instagram @vect.jatin

  2. Axone Pex says:

    👍👍👍 love the multiple layer

  3. Bully Guy says:

    Bhaaaaiiii plzzz slow kiya karo..samaj nehi ata it a fast

  4. Snyk says:

    The shading skills are tooo goooddd

  5. I am Vietnamese, I think your drawing is very beautiful, so please answer me with a sentence

  6. Are you drawing it on ipad?

  7. Bhai mera photo banado bhai plzz

  8. Please make some tutorials for vector art, i am also learning this and one of my vector is in my profile photo 👈

  9. Tum stylus use karte ho ya finger se hi bana lete ho drawing?

  10. Tapash Kabi says:

    Are you a freelancer…?

  11. J Raviteja says:

    💖👌How much did you charge for this type of artwork?

  12. Zofar says:

    Is this dank rishu? 😂😂

  13. in which tap do u edit

  14. please make tutorial about draw details, shadow etc, Thanks ❤️

  15. Bhai hamay bhi bana do yr

  16. Nice video 👌👍👌💯

  17. A Moorthi says:

    Face training video explain bro

  18. Bhai isse save kaise kre hd main

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