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In this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial I will show you how to Edit Your footage to the beat of the music fast using markers and Automate to Sequence. Where I get my Royalty Free Music: GET MY Premiere Pro PRESET PACK: My 350+ Split Screen and Letterbox PNG Overlay Bundle: @javiermercedesx on social: Instagram: Twitter: ALL OF MY GEAR:…

26 thoughts on “Cut to the Music Beat FAST Using THIS Method – Premiere Pro

  1. A neat way to edit to the beat in Premiere Pro, What should I tutorialize next?

  2. Sanat Bansal says:

    i can't stop myself from posting a comment. thanks javier

  3. Chris Mann says:

    Great tutorial! Of course, YouTube had to recommend this one to me four hours after I finished editing a video with cuts to the beat the slow, manual way… 🙂

  4. CWORM says:

    my "at unumbered markers" is greyed out

  5. THM says:

    You are great..keep it up

  6. Sometimes a get one frame space between several videos.

  7. Geate videos bro, you should be promoted by youtube.

  8. Jamar Greshh says:

    MANNN this video was so quick helpful and straight to the point

  9. can we use the function but instead of timeline,we put marker on the audio?

  10. samz click says:

    Extremely helpful thanksssssss Javier 🙌🏼

  11. Dr.Abyshines says:

    You are the boss…your videos are helping me a lot,thanks a tonne for your crisp clear no nonsense videos.🤗

  12. Thanks a lot, again and again!

  13. Sean Holland says:

    Great instruction. Thank you.

  14. JaxDronePix says:

    Brother, I don't even know how many of your videos I saved but it's a lot. Since I am kinda new to premiere pro your videos are my go to for editing tips. I was looking for something just like this one and this is perfect for a quick edit I've wanted to do with some drone footage. Thank you sir. PS the three people who give this video a thumbs down should…oh well haters are gonna hate.

  15. Wow wow what a useful channel!! I'm glad i found it. Thanks a lot👍

  16. used this today in a video! thx Javier 💯

  17. Darker Arts says:

    I wish I had seen this technique last week 😁

  18. Dude, My mind is blown once again! I have a quick question. I would like to do this with my B-Roll in my vlog. I'm assuming since it would occur in the middle of my video, I would need to create this in a separate sequence and then bring that sequence into the main video. Is that how you would do it or do you have another suggestion? Thanks!

  19. You're out of the box! Or rather out of this world! I mean mastermind with excellent teaching skills 🙂 Greetings from Poland 🙂 All the best

  20. IGNitERS says:

    Wow that's what I'm looking for

  21. 朱磊 says:


  22. И что же я раньше этого не знал?!

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