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How To Make A Gradient Effect In Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Tutorial #13 City Map Poster – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Im back after 5 years! Check out my Avengers Effect Tutorial below: How to remove the background off an image:

20 thoughts on “Displacement Maps – Adobe Photoshop Tutorial CS5

  1. Pretty good man will give it a shot! Thanks!

  2. this is very helpful! thankyou!

  3. VxVRaZeVxV says:

    For everyone that keeps asking… Zed = Z… You are welcome

  4. Zena D says:

    Im trying to turn the image of my person to black and white, even with just that layer selected everything turns black and white, an idea why? i do have the image of my person masked would that be a reason? help!! Thanks

  5. Tigerblue says:

    what is that " hit O & zed"? can you pls post the shortcut in the video also to help us understand better. thanks.

  6. I've CS6 Extended are your steps different for that software compared to mine? The menu looks somewhat different in your tutorial.

  7. JusSomeGinge says:

    No problem dude, thanks for the feedback & sub xD

  8. Awesome way better then the other tuts I tried.You my friend earned yourself a sub

  9. SMCLL says:

    I have no idea where I am going wrong with this effect. No idea.

  10. Hmm…it is really a destructive way of working.
    I like the Non-destructive way much more !!!

  11. esther says:

    for the life of me i cant seem to get it right. the tut is very good but i cant get the desired results

  12. It was very well done comprehensive tutorial.

  13. JusSomeGinge says:

    I use a screen recorded called BB Flashback Pro Recorder, once youv'e downloaded it then its quite simple to work 🙂 Thank You !

  14. Tom Whipple says:

    Hello and thank you for the tut,, I would like to make a few tut as well could you advise me as to how to record our photoshop edits to make the video,, Thank you,

  15. JusSomeGinge says:

    Glad you liked it dude ! If you got any requests let me know 🙂

  16. les byrne says:

    pretty kwl i tried it with the irish map but its so plain.american and uk map worked way better thanks

  17. JusSomeGinge says:

    No problem dude!! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  18. Kurisucn says:

    Thanks mate!! this tutorial is really useful to me, I've been trying to do something like that on a car's picture, now I can follow your instructions, Thanks again!!!

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