Adobe Tutorials Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver CC – Tutorial for Beginners [COMPLETE]

Dreamweaver CC – Tutorial for Beginners [COMPLETE]

[VOICE + TEXT] Get into a new Way of Learning Adobe Dreamweaver CC. Dreamweaver CC tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics.
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48 thoughts on “Dreamweaver CC – Tutorial for Beginners [COMPLETE]”

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  5. A chimpanzee could make a web page using this program. That's probably why I like it. 🙄

  6. I'm not bothered by the accent or the English mistakes … I can understand all of that ..
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  7. lmao she's italian.
    nice video though

  8. Great teaching! Thank you!!!

  9. aryan sharma says:

    very bad english first improve your english bai

  10. Perfectly tangible, great tutorial. All of the people who complained about your accent need to re-examine their miserable lives.

  11. Ms Grey says:

    Oh my goodness thank you so much for this… an amazing tutorial and very easy to follow. ❤

  12. Xi Qin says:

    The content is very helpful. but I can't help falling asleep by hearing the voice…..

  13. Jason Agenor says:

    this sucks not important in life

  14. 1706053 IT-1 says:

    i like french english accent

  15. Coding learning problem but interested can't understand

  16. Very clear pronunciation <3 Love your way of teaching

  17. video molto utile ma un po' troppo veloce per me. ad ogni modo grazie mille e lasciate stare i coglioni che criticano l'accento…

  18. jim bo says:

    lovely spanish voice. guapo.

  19. Juuko Jo says:

    am now good to go thanks please for this kind of work

  20. Kían says:

    Thanks for this tutorial! It helped me a lot! Also seeing a SkyDoesMinecraft video gave me nostalgia for some reason. Thanks again 😀

  21. Shannen Teoh says:

    i loveeee your accent!!!!!!!! i listen to this video a couple of times…

  22. Mario R says:

    Your accent is fine, actually its more intriguing. Ignore idiots who comment negatively about it, can't argue or debate people who think America is the only one existing in this world. Some of these people most likely have never been out of America.

  23. AnemeTemenA says:

    Clearly Italian Accent

  24. DREAMWEAVER IS VERY DIFFICULT. speciallly help doc

  25. RelatedTitle says:

    Nice, your English is good. Don't let nobody tell you, this is a great quality video, I do speak fluent English even though is not my native language.

  26. Love the voice and pron…but still I want to learn how to work with templates, hope to see (hear) you in another video… =)

  27. Fourth Reich says:

    Damn, that sexy accent!😍😍😍

  28. dont get the reason for this vedio

  29. That seems to be some italian accent… Not sure though…

  30. Grumpy says:

    Wow I learnt more in this short video than I did in four chapters of a book I just read taking much longer! Thank you.

  31. please available for indonesia subtitle

  32. she explained very well, expecting more from her

  33. Thank you very much for this tutorial. It is very well done and easy to understand and follow.

  34. I have just starting learning programming. I found the video helpful. the accent is clear to me

  35. terry raines says:

    can someone please help me, I have a templet that I try to use but  DW keeps locking up? any suggestions

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